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Spanish company Envaflex trusts in the experience of the Comexi Group in flexography

The Spanish company has acquired a Comexi FLEXO F2 MC press and a Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT slitting machine, so as to continue offering high quality standards to its clients


The Comexi Group, a specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, has reached an agreement with the firm Envaflex to install two new Comexi solutions. On this occasion, the Spanish company has placed its trust in the Comexi FLEXO F2 MC press and Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT double turret slitter-rewinder machine. Its objectives? To offer clients maximum quality products and comply with environment-protection requirements regarding reduced COV emissions and waste. 

The business relationship between Comexi Group and Envaflex goes back more than a decade, as a result of the former’s experience in central drum flexographic printing. After installing the different Comexi FLEXO solutions with excellent results, on this occasion Envaflex ha placed its trust in the new solution of the F2 platform which is ideal for medium runs: the Comexi FLEXO F2 MC. And as finishing machinery, Envaflex has acquired a Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT, the evolution of the Comexi PROSLIT Eikon slitting rewinder machine, which can run at up to 800 m/min. 

60 years’ experience in flexographic printing: the competitive Comexi FLEXO F2 MC
The Comexi FLEXO F2 MC is a new press model which has been designed on the basis of the FLEXO F2 MP machine, and which uses the patented concept FLEXOEfficiency relating to ergonomics and accessibility, so as to offer a more compact machine that is better suited to medium and short runs. Available in 8 colours, in printing widths of 870 mm to 1270 mm, and with printing repeats up to 800 mm. The printer includes the most state-of-the-art electronic systems for obtaining better printing qualities even at fast speeds (up to 400 m/min) with the capacity to print on different substrates ranging from plastic film to paper or laminates.

The FLEXO F2 platform is completed with the other Comexi solutions, Comexi FLEXO F2 MP (ideal for long runs), Comexi FLEXO F2 MB (suitable for short runs) and the Comexi FLEXO F2 WB, the best solution for printing with water-based inks without losing printing quality or speed.

The Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT increases productivity by 30%
Installing this slitter-rewinder in flexible packaging manufacturing plants can increase productivity by 30% with respect to its predecessor Comexi PROSLIT Eikon. The increase is obtained thanks to the possibility of working at a speed of up to 800 m/min, with new and shorter acceleration and deceleration ramps, and the improved and faster turret change. Also, installing the Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT saves on energy, and ensures an economic saving of between 4 and 6% with respect to the previous model. 

The Comexi PROSLIT S1 DT has been very well received on the market. As of July 2014, and since the sale of the first unit at the end of 2013, 12 more units have been sold to clients in Scandinavia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, India, Iran and Turkey. The Comexi PROSLIT Eikon has more than 100 installations.  
100% Full HD Flexo certified company

Envaflex is one of the companies taking part in the Nafispack project, which researches how to ensure and maintain the quality of food products in the supply chain by developing new packaging systems that increase the fresh product shelf-life, using two very new technologies: the active anti-microbial packaging and the smart packaging. The latter is based on monitoring, which indicates the quality of the food with the new materials. 

To obtain its objective, Envaflex has placed its trust in top level companies: Comexi Group in printing and conversion machinery, and Esko in pre-printing for digital flexography plates. This way, Envaflex has received the Full HD Flexo certificate, which certifies that a company works with top quality flexography; a guarantee for its clients that they will receive products with better colouring, soft degrading and neat details.

About Envaflex
Envaflex was created in 1984, to dedicate more of its production to serve the food industry, and also working with the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
The materials with which they make their products include, among others, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, polyethylene and cellulose, which are used for flexography and rotogravure printing, both on single sheets and on medium and high bar complexes. Envaflex has obtained the company certificate complying with Standard UNE-EN-ISO-9002 and BRC IoP.