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AVERY DENNISON expands SELECT SOLUTIONS™ drum portfolio to meet challenging demands, industry standards

Industrial drums carrying chemicals can present a range of labeling challenges from withstanding exposure to extreme temperatures and weather conditions to featuring the proper identification for the materials in the containers themselves. Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials North America has expanded its Select Solutions Drum portfolio to offer more materials that address these challenges.
Avery Dennison provides a range of film and heavyweight paper facestock materials that, when paired with the proper adhesives can withstand harsh environments and long periods of outdoor exposure. These constructions can be used on a variety of surfaces, including painted steel, polyethylene drums or super sacks. Avery Dennison drum label materials ensure consistent printability and readability over the drum’s life and have passed BS 5609 Marine Immersion label testing – including three months of exposure to salt water – as part of International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification.
In addition to BS 5609 Section 2 certification, Avery Dennison drum labeling materials are now BS 5609 Section 3 certified for Epson on-demand color inkjet printers. All materials in the portfolio meet the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals international communication standards.
“If containers transporting drummed chemicals are lost at sea, the label identifying the contents must remain intact and readable upon retrieval,” said Kevin Gofron, global business development manager – durable goods, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials.
Avery Dennison drum portfolio facestocks are combined with the company’s best-in-class adhesives for greater versatility. Because chemical labels are large and generally hand-applied, drum adhesives must be immediately repositionable so workers can adjust misapplied or misaligned labels. Adhesives must also wet-out quickly so they become permanent and remain durable during a drum’s long-term exposure to the elements.
Avery Dennison Select Solutions portfolios feature unique, application-specific offerings designed to meet brand owners’ common needs and challenges. Each portfolio features low minimum order quantities, same day price quotations and four-day shipping that allow converters to address specific application label needs.
More information about the portfolios can be found in the Select Solutions Center located at The center offers a wide breadth of products and services, conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner with expert content and featured product descriptions.