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CCL Label trusts in offset printing with the installation of the Comexi Offset CI8 in Völkermarkt’s plant (Austria)

The Comexi Group, a specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, has reached an agreement with CCL Label to install the Comexi OFFSET CI8 in its plant in Völkermarkt (Austria). As both companies seek maximum quality, sustainability and increase productivity in their products, the Comexi OFFSET CI8 becomes the suitable solution to strengthen CCL Label’s positioning as an environmentally responsible printer while responding their customer’s stringent demands.  
The flexibility of the Comexi OFFSET CI8, which makes it possible to carry out just-in-time design changes, together with fine-tuning and fast production have been the key factors for CCL’s decision to acquire this new machine. This flexibility is achieved thanks to the state-of-the-art central drum offset technology system, combined with automatic sleeve change. CCL Label has also taken into account Comexi’s fast design changes thanks to the use of lithographic plates.


Offset CI8

Offset technology is not new for CCL Group, as it already has high expertise capabilities with certain label products. In this case, the Comexi Offset CI8 will provide increased capacity, allowing new products and a wider range of substrates to be printed with offset high quality.

The Comexi OFFSET CI8 printing machine marks a turning point in the printing of flexible packaging and labels since its launch. The Comexi solution is the first web-offset press for printing variable lengths over a central impression drum, which links the advantages of both offset variable print length and flexo central impression drum printing in one press for flexible packaging and labels. This combination of technologies overcomes the issues that conventional in-line offset machines have by the fact that it can easily print thinner and more elastic materials (OPP, PET, PE,…).
Among its main benefits, the Comexi OFFSET CI8 sharply reduces environmental impact due to the use of solventless inks, better energy efficiency, highest print quality, broad/wide production flexibility and quick response regarding Time-to-Market.