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CHILI Publish helps De Budelse expand flexible and functional customer platform

When De Budelse, an innovative graphic company that focuses on packaging and print in both offset and digital as well as ICT, looked into a new software platform, all pieces of the puzzle fell into place with CHILI Publish. CHILI Publisher online document editing software fits perfectly within the strategy and vision of De Budelse about how their customer platform should be: functional, flexible and with maximum freedom for the client. "Because that is where the future lies," says Harry Mennen, who together with his colleagues, was the driving force behind this new innovation at De Budelse.


De Budelse’s customer base mainly consists of nationally and internationally active companies, located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. De Budelse puts a strong focus on the production of packaging, high volumes in small runs and ICT Services. ICT and process automation are crucial links between De Budelse and its clients, as this ensures the required versatility, flexibility and a short time-to-market. To support this vision, De Budelse created an innovative customer platform, BuDi ( that bundles three elements: a web-shop to order products, a product generator based on CHILI Publisher to design the products, and a logistic module to manage order processing, payment and distribution. With BuDi, De Budelse offers its clients a highly flexible way of managing their order, creation, production, payment and delivery process.

Up to the next level

Until recently, De Budelse's own ICT-department developed or reprogrammed most of the internal software. They wanted however a new software platform that would allow clients to do a lot themselves: design an own web-shop, by using the standards, and allow to work in the design program at each knowledge level - basic, experienced or pro. The main motto? The less restrictions, the better! "Everything fell into place when we saw a demo of CHILI Publisher. This editing software perfectly answered our requirements. We proceeded with further development and gradually delved deeper into the software, which offered many more possibilities than we originally thought,” says Mennen.

Open landscape

CHILI Publisher is used within BuDi for De Budelse's customers to manage all of their files or to design an own web-shop to market their products. "The Chili Publisher software is like an open landscape, in which the user can build his own structures: divide the “landscape” into separate lots and then designing every lot according to his own ideas," Mennen explains. "CHILI Publisher does not have any restrictions and that is precisely what makes it so appealing to the user. It plays a decisive role in the product generator of the BuDi-platform. Customers can incorporate their specific look and feel into the web-shop." Their products are linked to a template in the product generator. The user is offered the maximum freedom by the platform's flexibility. He has everything under control, up to 3D-presentations of the design. The next part of the flow is fully automized, from production to logistics to payment. Every part on its own is exceptionally efficient and functional. That makes BuDi as platform, with the CHILI Publisher software at the core of the system, so powerful and valuable.

Future perspectives

The platform is a continuously expanding tool, with a number of developments still in the pipeline. "Flexibility and functionality remain paramount. Thanks to this flexibility, BuDi-consumers could for example make their own World Cup Football cover for the Veronica TV Guide for June. Readers got the chance to put their own text and image on the cover, and we printed the special covers. Thanks also to CHILI Publisher, we managed to get this done in only 5 days. This would have been impossible before," concludes Mennen.