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Customers to Benefit from Upgrades to KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press Platform

Kodak has enhanced the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press Platform to expand its capabilities and provide printers with new options for meeting their customers’ requirements. These configuration changes will become standard on all presses built in 2015 and will be available as optional or standard upgrades on the majority of installed KODAK NEXPRESS Presses.


The new configurations of the KODAK NEXPRESS Presses will include the expansion of long sheet capability, the addition of Dura Coat Mode and the inclusion of KODAK NEXPRESS Light Black HD Dry Ink in the Fifth Imaging Unit. An automated imaging cylinder cleaning system will also be added.

“The latest improvements to the KODAK NEXPRESS Presses are examples of Kodak’s commitment to providing many years of post-purchase value,” said Doug Edwards, President, Digital Printing & Enterprise, Eastman Kodak Company. “The popularity of the KODAK NEXPRESS Presses stems from their reputation as purchases that keep giving, a fact that is not lost on business owners in a competitive marketplace.”

KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press Platform Enhancements

  • 1 Meter Sheet Length: The current long sheet capability of 36 inches will be expanded to support sheets up to 1 meter (39.37”) in length, with the incorporation of the optional Long Sheet Feeder. Initial key applications include point-of-sale signage, gate-folded marketing materials and extended size dust jackets for books. Presses currently installed with a Long Sheet Feeder can be upgraded in field to support the 1 meter sheet length. The currently available Long Sheet Delivery Unit already supports the 1 meter length sheets.
  • Dura Coat Mode: A KODAK NEXPRESS Press configured with a Clear Dry Ink Fifth Station already provides a robust set of capabilities for coating and specialty finishes. Dura Coat Mode is the latest addition, using KODAK NEXPRESS Clear Dry Ink to deliver a clear thin matte layer over only the locations on the sheet that have CMYK ink, based on automated image processing performed on the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Front End. This economically protects the underlying ink in mailing applications and uses less clear ink than other forms of flood coating. It also produces a unique finish that can be used to further differentiate the design of the job. Dura Coat Mode is available on presses configured with System 15.1 software.
  • Standard Light Black HD Dry Ink Station: All new KODAK NEXPRESS Presses in 2015 will be configured with a Light Black HD Dry Ink Station as a standard in the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solution. The addition of Light Black HD Dry Ink in the Fifth Imaging Unit provides outstanding image quality across a wide variety of applications while extending the yields of key consumables on the press. It also typically reduces the amount of CMYK ink used on the sheet.
  • Automated Imaging Cylinder Cleaning System: A new cleaning system designed to reduce operator maintenance and increase imaging cylinder life will automatically clean the imaging cylinders on a periodic basis. This system will be standard on all presses using HD Inks and optional for presses using non-HD Inks.

These new enhancements will be demonstrated at Kodak’s booth (#831) at GRAPH EXPO, in addition to the functionality introduced in 2013 and 2014 – Smart RGB, Ink Optimization, Economy Mode, Long Sheet Delivery Unit, CP BOURG SHEET FEEDER Cart, KODAK NEXPRESS VII Front End (High Performance with System 15.1) and KODAK NEXPRESS Gold Dry Ink. Existing KODAK NEXPRESS Press customers are encouraged to stop by the booth to get a demonstration of these new upgrades available for their presses.