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Kosme Italy rejuvenated

Krones AG, the manufacturer of beverage filling and packaging lines, has rejuvenated its subsidiary Kosme, which produces machines and lines for the lower output range. The new organisation relates solely to Kosme’s facility in Roverbella, Italy.

In order to secure the plant’s future on a sustainably viable financial basis, the product portfolio of Kosme Italy has had to be altered and the capacities correspondingly right sized.


The Kosme Barifill, with Krones VKPV valves and its minimised footprint, is the ideal choice for small and mid-tier breweries or beverage bottlers.

Kosme will now be concentrating on its core competences in the fields of filling and labelling technologies. The operations for producing packing and palletising kit have been discontinued.

Kosme Italy, however, will continue to offer complete lines in addition to the fillers and labellers that constitute the company’s core business. These lines are supplemented at need by products from appropriately qualified partner companies/suppliers, who meet the requirements for optimum quality laid down by Krones and its subsidiary Kosme.