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Leica Geosystems Protects Original Accessoires with Quality Seals by Schreiner ProSecure

Leica Geosystems has developed a brand protection program enabling them to comprehensively counter product piracy. The quality seals by Schreiner ProSecure are an essential component of the product protection strategy employed by the world’s leading manufacturer of high-precision measurement instruments. The innovative security label came in first in the category “Security” in this year´s FINAT Label Competition.


Schreiner ProSecure´s quality seals are in worldwide use to identify Leica products as originals. To achieve a high level of counterfeiting protection and to make authentication possible for different target groups, the solution is combining different security features.

Color-shifting security ink
The special composition of the security ink results in a color shift from pink to green, depending on the viewing angle. The color-shifting ink is detectable without any aids and, as a decorative element, immediately catches the eye of customs officials, distributors and buyers.

Holographic strips
The 2D holographic embossing is an easily discernible security feature. It´s design conveys value and quality.

KeySecure in human-readable format
Each label is provided with a unique, encrypted number that can be entered on a website to confirm the authenticity of the product.

KeySecure as QR code
The number is also integrated in a QR code and can be checked directly, using a smartphone. KeySecure verification using smartphones enables fast identification and efficient monitoring of the distribution chain.

Tamper protection
The seal has die cuts which make it more difficult to non-destructively detach it. The laboratory tests performed on different types of packaging have confirmed that these security die cuts effectively indicate attempts to detach the seal within a temperature range from -25 to +65 degrees centigrade and that a complete detachment of the seal without damage is impossible.

“Our objective is to sensitize customers to the fact that we can only guarantee maximum accuracy and reliability for our high-precision measurement instruments when they are being used with original Leica Geosystems accessories. This deters potential copiers and counterfeiters,” says Gerhard Soenser, product manager at Leica Geosystems.