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FTK Ambalaj purchased the second GIDUE M5 UV Flexo Press

The Turkish converter FTK Ambalaj has recently invested on the second GIDUE M5 printing machine.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Labels & Packaging industry, FTK Ambalaj is one of the leading companies in the Turkish overview. Founded in 1992 by Mr. Mehmet Asman, Owner and Director of FTK Ambalaj is specialized in the production of Shrinkable Sleeve Labels.  The company’s mission is focused on the complete customer satisfaction that is provided to both the national and the international market, by giving a higher level of products produced with the most updated technologies available worldwide.

“ The use of advanced technology is fundamental to boost the company to a higher level. In these years we’ve been working hard to become an international company, a pioneer of Innovations in the Packaging Industry. GIDUE Technology is completely in line with our mission: it is the most up-to-date, state of the art printing technology on the market that help us to reach our main goals.” commented Mr. Mehmet Asman.

The collaboration with GIDUE started in 2012, when they decided to install the first M5 UV Flexo press, 370mm width and 8 printing stations. The decision to invest on GIDUE technology came from the successful experience of the Production Manager of FTK Ambalaj, Mr. Muharrem Karaca, that, in a previous job experience, had been working on a GIDUE printing machines for ages and was so satisfied with its results and with the ease of its operations, that wanted to work again with GIDUE Technology.


From Left: Mr. Muharrem Karaca and Mr. Mehmet Asman , FTK Ambalaj – Mr. Giorgio Deliziosi, GIDUE ; Mr. Mert Gonenc – IMEX Group

“In my experience I’ve been working many years on GIDUE presses and I think that they are the best solution for every converter that is looking for the best quality with the minimum waste.” quoted Muharrem Karaca.

Following the positive experience of the first investment, FTK Ambalaj has recently invested on a second GIDUE M5 UV Flexo Press , 430 mm width and 10 printing stations, that will be installed in their plant in Istanbul within the end of the year.

“When we bought our first GIDUE press, our production manager knew GIDUE technology very well and it is also thanks to his positive feedbacks If we decided to install a GIDUE press. Now that we have experienced the concrete results achieved with the installation of the first GIDUE M5 press, we have decided without hesitations to purchase second one. “  affirmed Mr. Mehmet Asman.

“We are glad of this further investment of FTK Ambalaj. This kind of sales success are a perfect example of the deep relation of mutual confidence and trust that GIDUE establish with its customers during the years. ”  concluded Mr. Giorgio Deliziosi,Sales Area Manager in GIDUE.