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KODAK Technology, Combined with Passion and Experience, Deliver High Quality Results and Improved Efficiency for DigiFlex Group s.c.

DigiFlex Group s.c., based in Otwock, is a modern flexo prepress company filled with creativity and passion, and success built on a combination of talent and technology. The company’s most recent investment is a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide-C System, enabling plate making up to 1067x1524mm and driving optimum production quality and efficiency.

Solution - Passion, Expertise and Kodak technology lift DigiFlex Group s.c. above its competitors

According to the owners of Warsaw-based DigiFlex Group s.c., Joanna Sychowicz and Piotr Kolera, the combination of creativity, passion and investment in market-leading technology, which includes Poland’s first KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide-C System, is the cornerstone of the company’s success. The owners believe this has helped it distinguish itself from competitors and has been key to securing an expanding customer base of flexo printers from Poland and abroad.

Piotr Kolera (left) and Joanna Sychowicz – owners of DigiFlex Group s.c.

Piotr Kolera (left) and Joanna Sychowicz – owners of DigiFlex Group s.c.

The company’s decision to invest in digital plate-making solutions was driven by the owners’ need to provide customers with quality results in line with their continually-evolving business plan. Previous experience of the efficiency and reliability of Kodak’s technology was also pivotal, and cemented the decision to select the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System.

“We had worked with Kodak several years earlier, and explored all the advantages of digital plate-making,” Joanna Sychowicz explained. “We knew what results we could expect when using it in daily production and that gave us the confidence to purchase our KODAK FLEXCEL NX System.”

The installation  consists of a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Imager, a dedicated FLEXCEL NX Laminator, the unique KODAK FLEXCEL NX Thermal Imaging Layer and KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates – high quality digital photopolymer printing plates that are suitable for printing on multiple substrates, including paper, films, foils, and label stocks. The award-winning technology delivers plates that ensure efficiency and consistency on the press while delivering high quality image reproduction.

Benefits - Superb control, improved efficiencies and top quality results

According to the owners, one of the biggest advantages of the DigiFlex Group s.c. is the extensive experience of its staff in flexo printing plates, linked with their sustained passion for their work.  Joanna Sychowicz states: “Equipped with the right technology, we are able to control all the processes occurring in flexo printing houses and everything that happens during the printing process itself. As a result, we can foresee all the potential challenges at the prepress stage and prepare printing plates in a way that guarantees the highest level of production quality. KODAK FLEXCEL NX System technology is a key part of being able to deliver this.”

Printing plates prepared with the FLEXCEL NX System are very durable and can be used for very high volumes.  Piotr Kolera confirms: “It has been ideal for one of our big projects which consists of 500,000 meters of continuous printing on a 900 mm wide web.  We used a single set of printing plates, maintaining very stable quality during the whole run.”

DigiFlex Group s.c. has also set itself apart from its competitors through its use of Unique HQ - the company’s own system designed to deliver higher quality printing plates which can manage special requests easily, such as higher color saturation, better stability of ink coverage, and maintaining superb readability in very small fonts. This option, only available at DigiFlex Group s.c., is thanks to the selective application of structures laid on the printing plate’s image surface. Aside from this unique offering, the company uses KODAK DIGICAP NX Patterning. The printing plates provide increased quality of the final product whilst allowing for savings in ink usage, substrate, energy and time. In doing this, the standard approval process on press has been reduced from several hours to as little as 20-30 minutes.

Offering specific customers examples as proof of success, Joanna Sychowicz says: “One of our publishing customers contacted us when his circulation numbers began to drop. After a detailed analysis of his situation we offered a solution based on our prepress technology which resulted in an increase in orders. Other DigiFlex Group s.c. customers have been successful in acquiring new clients and significant orders due to higher quality products achieved when using our plates.  We are delighted to be such a key part of our customers’ success, making them attractive to new brand owners and business partners.”

“Kodak’s technology combined with our expertise is ensuring our customers’ success as well as our own,” Piotr Kolera concludes. “Our solutions are of the highest quality, comparable with much more expensive gravure printing, and we can deliver significant operational benefits as well as eliminating problems that most printers have to deal with continually during flexo production.”

Jolanta Wisniewska, Managing Director at Kodak Polska, says: “We are extremely glad to support such companies as DigiFlex Group s.c. in their development and are delighted to share in their success, delivering customized solutions that drive quality and efficiencies.”