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P.E Labellers for Langguth: a single labeller for 32 different formats

Founded in 1789, today Langguth Erben GmbH & Co. is run by the sixth generation of the Langguth family and is active in the main European wine growing regions as well as in the Mornag region in Tunisia. With an average yearly production of about 50 million bottles, the company is one of Germany's largest winemakers. Langguth Erben wines and spirits are sold throughout Germany and exported to over 80 countries worldwide.


In 2014, in order to enlarge and streamline its production facilities, the company has bought a P.E. LABELLERS labelling machine, model MODULAR TOP, which was installed in the month of July and is able to process as many as 32 different sizes at a production speed of 330 bpm.

The automatic rotary labeller of diameter 2320, the top of the P.E. range, is fitted with two self-adhesive and cold glue interchangeable modules, in addition to the 6 self-adhesive peninsula stations, "High-Performance" 140m/min with "Non Stop" operation and "saloon" safety guards. Thanks to the flexibility offered by its modular structure and by the integrated electronics servomotors, it provides the best conditions to rapidly and conveniently address the new requirements in the labelling sector. Ergonomics and easy operability merge in a machine with different station types, allowing the customer to have the widest range of possible combinations in terms of label application and electronic orientation. Its 5-camera system allows up to 32 different formats to be processed with a single labelling machine. The machine's configuration, in fact, may be easily and rapidly changed with no need for tools, to promptly address a range of needs. The labelling machine is also ready for application of L or U-shaped tax seal.