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Schreiner LogiData Develops Extremely Thin RFID Label for On-Metal Application

At this year’s euroID to be held in Frankfurt am Main from November 18 – 20, Schreiner LogiData will be presenting a new product: the ((rfid))-DistaFerr Slim label combines the advantages of UHF RFID technology with RFID reading on metal. With compact dimensions of 60 mm x 23 mm x 0.5 mm the label is much smaller than standard solutions and enables consistent marking of metallic products with good reading range of one meter.


In-process data acquisition of metallic products and housings at regular intervals during industrial manufacturing or assembly operations is essential to creating complete quality management profiles. However, for use on metal, only relatively large and thick RFID labels, which are not suitable as nameplates, have previously existed. Schreiner LogiData has worked on making RFID labels fit for production in such applications and developed a particularly small, slim label that achieves good read range also on metal.

RFID Labels as Nameplates for On-Metal Applications
The ((rfid))-DistaFerr Slim Label, as an RFID nameplate, can be applied directly to metal for effective identification within a range of up to one meter. Readability on non-metal is up to one and a half meters. Reading is contactless and without optical line of sight. Thanks to its rugged design the label resists even harsh ambient conditions and easily withstands ambient temperatures from -20 to +95 degrees Celsius. The label can be programmed and printed on location off-the-roll and is particularly well suited for production, service and assembly processes in the mechanical engineering, general industrials, automotive and metal processing sectors. The ((rfid))-DistFerr Slim Label enables communication between metal components that automatically transmit in-process machine parameters or settings.