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Sego Group Becomes First Printer in France to Invest in KODAK PROSPER S20 Imprinting System

Expanding the capability to meet the demand for short runs and meet its customers’ variability requirements, Sego Group is creating new opportunities with a Kodak high-speed hybrid digital printing solution.


The Sego Group, a printer covering the entire graphics supply chain, has decided to invest in hybrid technology. This privately-owned French printing house has opted for the KODAK PROSPER S20 Imprinting System, set to go into operation in November 2014 at its production plant in Taverny, near Paris.

The system uses KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology and the KODAK CS410 System Controller to deliver a powerful solution that utilises existing equipment (a 48-page press with an output of 50,000 copies per hour) without compromising on speed. This new technology will enable the Sego Group to provide customers with new advertising opportunities with highly targeted products.

“As users of Kodak innovations for many years, from prepress technology with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow to KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates and the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Platform, it was quite natural that we should turn to Kodak when we sensed the emergence of a new market segment,” says HervĂ© Richard, the Sego Group’s chairman.

“In actual fact, our major retail customers are constantly seeking to go further with the regional segmentation of their sales brochures, whilst maintaining the lower costs provided by offset printing. Publishers now want to personalise their media in order to derive maximum value from advertising or to insert unique flash codes, for instance. Paper is facing ever sharper competition from other media, especially digital. This investment enables us to substantially increase the impact of messages put before readers, delivering unparalleled added value to our customers.”

From now on, the Sego Group’s customers will have access to regional advertising that is variable in each edition, while still being able to maintain offset reliability, productivity, cost of ownership and quality. In turn, an improved return on marketing investment for the advertising sector can be achieved as variable promotions are known to improve response rates and designing highly targeted advertisements and competitions can help to attract new sources of income.

Claude Desbrugères, Cluster Business Director, France & Benelux, adds: “After a number of installations in neighbouring European countries, we are delighted to see the French market opening up to this technology. Kodak is asserting itself as a pillar of the graphics industry in the offset, hybrid and digital sectors.”