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X-Rite Pantone Donates Solutions to Advance Learning

X-Rite Pantone today announced a donation of their hardware and software solutions to BrobyGrafiska, a graphic arts education center located in Sunne, Sweden. X-Rite Pantone’s donation will be used as part of the school’s programs that study packaging Sandor Tatrai, X-Rite Pantone Sales Manager Scandinavia, “BrobyGrafiska is preparing students for the future by giving them access to the latest technology of today. This donation builds on that good work, giving BrobyGrafiska’s students the technology they need to fully understand and manage color in their packaging designs. We’re proud to have X-Rite Pantone’s products utilized by BrobyGrafiska is a meeting place and educational center dedicated to supporting the study of the graphic arts, including: graphic design, packaging design, web, prepress, and flexographic printing. The school has state-of-the art equipment housed in over 8,000 square meters of modern, customized premises. The technical equipment and talented faculty of the school also serve as resources for companies around the world.


Left: Sandor Tatrai, X-Rite Pantone Sales Manager Scandinavia, right: Ronny Eriksson, Technical Manager at BrobyGrafiska

The packaging design classes offered by BrobyGrafiska cover the complete range of packaging production – from idea to finished product. X-Rite Pantone’s donation will give students the chance to use state-of-the-art color solutions so they can determine color standards and accurately measure color in their packaging projects.

Ronny Eriksson, Technical Manager at BrobyGrafiska, says, “BrobyGrafiska’s gives students a “hands-on” learning opportunity that enables them to assess and compare new materials and functionalities in an open testing environment.

This donation from X-Rite Pantone strengthens that education, and we are grateful to have this valuable technology included in our courses.”