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Xeikon and duomedia: a winning team

The third edition of the two-yearly IBIS Communication Awards rewards the best Belgian communication campaigns and communicators. This event is organised by BPRCA, the association of leading Belgian PR agencies, and 3C representing key communicators of companies and agencies. A professional jury was composed of academics, journalists, digital and corporate communication experts. Altogether 27 strong cases were competing for one of the 4 awards B2B, B2C, Non-profit and Corporate Communication, including brands like Coca-Cola, Landrover, AEG, Acerta, Chaudfontaine.


duomedia, B2B content & PR agency, and Xeikon, global market leader in digital printing presses for label, packaging and document printing applications, proudly accept the 2014 IBIS Communication Awards in the B2B category. The jury praises the integrated cross-media and strategic approach with smart social communication tactics in high-tech B2B markets, reaching remarkable engagement results. The Xeikon Café on Packaging Innovation is a platform offered by Xeikon and its Aura partners, offering the opportunity to understand, evaluate and experience digital production, and enabling printers and converters to consciously make a business decision.



The combined PR and communication teams of Xeikon and duomedia aimed at raising brand & product and business awareness, increasing engagement and community building. Results altogether far exceeded expectations with almost doubled visitor attendance at the event, international press participation and raised social influence by 60%. More information on the Xeikon Café can be found on:

Lutt Willems, Director Client Relations at duomedia explains: “Whilst communication technologies and mobility constantly change, there is a continued, even increasing need for face2face contacts. A community can better thrive and demonstrate its engagement by personally interacting with other members and interchanging experiences. Xeikon built on their unique community relations to expand and activate its pool of loyal ambassadors.”

A key element of the social media activity was the #Xeikonselfie contest which engaged & mobilised visitors before and during the event. Submitted selfies were printed on the spot using Xeikon digital presses and labelled on a Belgian beer bottle, which could then be picked up by the selfie owner on the spot. Within the ongoing social media programme, it generated a clear growth in customer interaction and engagement as well as followers – noteworthy as the label and packaging community is still ‘embracing’ social media as a relatively new channel.

Frank Jacobs, Marketing Communications Manager Xeikon, comments: “We used a multi-channel approach in creating awareness about the Xeikon Café and inviting people. During the event we managed to reach a perfect marriage between print, online and personal communication. Xeikon produces digital printing presses and used these to print selfie labels submitted through the social channels, which again helped drive attendance to the event where visitors could see the live printing. We are not only an innovator in developing and marketing digital printing solutions, but we are also innovative in our communication, with the great support of our PR-partner duomedia.”

Anja D’Hondt, Managing Partner at duomedia comments: “We are really pleased to win this award as it underlines a strong partnership between duomedia and Xeikon! It’s really great when you can inspire and reinforce each other to become stronger together. Since we specialise with our strategic and media services in technology and industrial B2B markets we understand our client’s business and market dynamics. This way we can come up with stronger concepts and themes that resonate with their stakeholders, and actively engage them in the communication process.”

Wim Maes, CEO at Xeikon concludes: “The Xeikon Café has been a great success, also thanks to the impressive media and communication efforts surrounding it boasting our brand awareness- we have had more printers and converters coming than we could have imagined. The Xeikon Café has shown that our customers are hungry for information. All printers want to know where the growth opportunities are and how to exploit them. We can say for certain that Xeikon today addresses these issues. The next edition of our Xeikon Café is planned for March 10, 11 and 12, 2015 and will be even bigger and better!”

More information on the IBIS B2B Communication 2014 Award can be found on: