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CHILI Publish and Laudert implement Web2Print solution at Brillux

CHILI Publish ( announces it has implemented a new Web2Print system for Brillux in cooperation with Laudert, the renowned media and IT service provider based in Germany, for which CHILI Publish was recently appointed as technology partner. Brillux is the leading direct provider and full-range supplier for artists' materials and industrial painting, and celebrated last year its 125th anniversary. To this occasion, the company installed a new online marketing portal for its sales network. The main component of the online editing technology in this portal is the CHILI Publisher solution.

By implementing the new Web2Print portal, Brillux is able to offer its customers and dealers completely new options for tailored and efficiently implemented product communication. Flyers, postcards, sales folders, posters, business cards, blocks, promotional items and much more can be selected, personalized and ordered intuitively via the web-based portal.

"Our connected dealers and customers can benefit from a very special highlight of the solution that was designed specifically for Brillux," Ulrich Wismann, Project Manager at Brillux, enthuses. "Once logged in, dealers have the option to choose from harmoniously designed color concepts, complementary to their defined logos. These are then reflected in various design elements so that after selecting the print product they wish to order, the modified item is not only perfectly coordinated with the dealer's corporate design, but also ready for further customization."

Editor functions with access control

Defined variable areas can now be modified so the text fits the purpose and place of use. What is known as "copy-fitting" ensures that longer slogans can also be incorporated, the font size for example is automatically adjusted to the text length. The integrated "CHILI Rendering Engine" ensures real-time implementation. Access is one of the key functions of CHILI Publisher. On the one hand the solution is very open, but at the same time key functions ensure that the "Brillux" branding is maintained. A good online publisher needs to be able to block certain elements within the document prior to any changes. This means Brillux can be certain that branding is maintained at all times, regardless of who is working on the document.

In a first step, all Laudert templates provided by Brillux are prepared technically for the Web2Print system. In future this could also be undertaken by the Brillux staff. The introduction of the system at the company also promises to alleviate some of the workload of graphics employees in addition to implementing consistent branding. The total solution was integrated into Brillux's own shop system and the integration was carried out via web services. The programming based on HTML5 facilitates the design of interfaces in the customer's design scheme and corresponds to customer requirements for a purely web-based application including compatibility with mobile devices.


With the exception of Laudert digital printing, other service providers such as producers of promotional materials, are linked in for the production of the customized objects which were ordered. A highly automated workflow controls the entire order process all the way through to on-schedule dispatch.

"Together with our technology partner CHILI Publish, this project has enabled us to fully exploit the various aspects of our e-business expertise. Thanks to professional preparation of the Brillux project team, implementation was possible in less than three months," Jörg Rewer, Managing Director and Head of the Media/IT business division at Laudert, comments on the successful launch of the system.

"The planning and implementation of the new Brillux portal ran absolutely seamlessly and to the customer's complete satisfaction. Obviously, we look forward to many other joint projects with Laudert," concludes Piet Saegeman, Business Development Manager for the German-speaking area at CHILI Publish.

For more details about the CHILI Publish and Laudert implementation at Brillux, a video can be viewed on the CHILI Publish website at