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“Forest Walk” launched, the new themed range by Pixartprinting

Pixartprinting's product range has expanded to include new ready-made solutions. “Forest Walk”, a themed range inspired by the magic of the woods, is now online. This is a new creation from Pixartprinting Project, which offers "express" printing solutions for temporary displays in showrooms, shops and premises. Shop owners, retail chains and businesses can therefore trust the W2P specialist to provide complete kits of versatile products, available online and featuring pre-designed artwork that can be mixed and matched as desired for creative and highly effective displays.

“The 'Forest Walk' range is another step down the path we began with ‘Land of Ice’, which aims to make our clients' lives even simpler", said Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Pixartprinting. “Our range has always been associated with providing the maximum possible level of customisation, with the possibility of uploading one's own artwork onto the online templates. Pixartprinting Project aims to respond to a new, growing demand from clients: to have easy and immediate solutions available straight away for last minute projects, without the need for custom artwork". To meet this demand the R&D department at Pixartprinting has developed ready-made products, like its two recent new creations: “Land of Ice” and “Forest Walk”.


Not only are the products innovative, but the communication model is innovative too. The launch of the new themed range is supported by a direct e-mail marketing campaign based on interactive storytelling. Users are taken on a tour of the "Forest Walk" world, with striking images that transform into the new products and evocative text that invites users to interact with the characters, and so discover the solutions available in the range. Squirrels hungry for acorns and curious owls transform into BCA cardboard or foamcore shapes, available in two different heights, while playful reindeer and bears come to life in easy to assemble 3D cardboard, sure to brighten up any display space. All characters you might find in a magical forest, which becomes reality thanks to folded, self-supporting cardboard and vinyl sheets featuring various tree designs. And if you need to rest for a moment, you can sit down on the comfortable cardboard "rocks", surrounded by plexiglass shapes depicting acorns, leaves and a very romantic full moon. All made with the quality that always sets Pixartprinting's prints apart.