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Added value through training: new catalogue from Sidel



imageRecognising the importance of well-trained people to the success of any beverage production operation, Sidel, the leading global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, has published a new technical training catalogue.

Automated solutions are fundamental to Sidel’s commitment to adding value to beverage production operations. However, the company also recognises the vital role that people have to play in optimising the performance of a bottling line, with the right training providing the capability for faster detection of potential issues, the minimising of downtime, improved product quality, greater efficiencies and much more.

Meeting current and future challenges

Global trends are bringing new challenges for beverage producers. Increasingly flexible production, consistently safe high quality products, reliable equipment, greater integrity of beverages and brands throughout the supply chain, reduced consumption and lower costs: all are now expected by the modern producer. Effective training designed to improve skills and thereby increase performance is a basic requirement in helping to achieve these goals.

The new ‘Sidel Technical Training Catalogue 2015’ contains Sidel’s comprehensive range of training programmes. From courses on equipment - blowing and coating, filling (including aseptic and sensitive), Combi’s, labelling, wrapping systems, end of line and palletising – to those dedicated to packaging processes, diagnostics and technical management, the catalogue features over 350 courses. It also includes details of competence audits, an invaluable means of identifying the current position regarding staff knowledge and technical competence, providing the benchmark from which a customised training plan can be tailored for each individual.

Luigi Armani, Technical Training Director at Sidel, commented – “Our training programmes are about equipping the employees of our customers with the skills and competence to excel. We adopt flexible methods and innovative tools, including real equipment and virtual systems, to ensure that our training has a direct relevance to the work environment. This means that the skills learned are directly transferable to the customer’s own production facilities, providing efficient operation for maximum performance.”

Knowledge transfer backed by practical experience

The objective of Sidel’s training programmes is to enable a customer to become an expert on their own production line. Practical training is therefore very much a focus, with all of Sidel’s trainers having many years of field experience as Sidel Services™ technicians, ensuring they have in-depth knowledge of real-life production issues which relate directly to the beverage business. To assist in this practical approach, the courses are based on active teaching methods which include basic skills training supported by multi-media tools and practical activities.

Many of the courses are delivered at Sidel’s dedicated Technical Training Centres. There are seven located around the world (USA, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia and China), demonstrating the importance that Sidel attributes to training and the focus the company has on transferring its global knowledge to producers at a local level. All of the centres are equipped with machines, simulators, laboratory equipment, sub-assemblies and assembly benches for practical skills training. At the new training facility in China, a complete PET beverage production line has recently been installed to provide a full experience of the PET bottling process. Training programmes can also be tailored to customers’ specific requirements, including the option to deliver the training at a customer’s own production sites if required.

Luigi Armani, Technical Training Director at Sidel, continues – “It is about maximising the potential of staff and equipment. The modular approach that we have adopted in developing our courses means there is something to fit all functions, regardless of skill level, from technical training and line management to product management, safety and environment.”

Solid foundation for future development

Sidel has been conducting training programmes for over 40 years and now trains over 5,000 people annually, completing more than 20,000 student days delivered in multiple languages, using various techniques and 96% give us a ‘very good’ score for training delivery. The training sessions are adapted to each step in a customer’s equipment life cycle, providing the means to evaluate and innovate through a workforce that really understands the capabilities of the bottling line and who can manage it safely and efficiently.

Training is part of the Sidel Services™ portfolio, which also includes Maintenance, Line Improvement, Spare Parts & Logistics, Line Conversions & Moulds, and Packaging. A copy of the new 2015 Sidel Technical Training Catalogue is available at