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FLEXcon Introduces New DigiPRO® Topcoat for HP Indigo Printing on Specialty Films

imageFLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced a new DigiPRO® topcoat created specifically for use with their 2.4 mil vinyl specialty films for HP Indigo printing. Now with the capability to DigiPRO® topcoat specialty films, the sparkle, shine, and glow will not be lost when printing digital. In addition, converters and print service providers can eliminate a step in their printing process and realize significant cost savings.

FLEXcon’s first available specialty film featuring this topcoat is SHIMMERcal™ SILVERDG. This is a DigiPRO® topcoated 2.4 mil silver special vinyl coated with a glitter-filled permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and backed with a sheet-form release liner. It is designed for applications such as novelty stickers and decals, promotional graphics, and P-O-P displays. The DigiPRO® topcoat provides consistent printing and ensures excellent ink receptivity for sharp, vibrant image quality. Other SHIMMERcal™ colors that can be DigiPRO® topcoated include: mixed disco, black, royal blue, dark red, fuchsia, gold, green, and red.

“We recognized there was a demand in the marketplace to print specialty substrates from converters with HP Indigo presses and looked to create a DigiPRO® topcoat that would meet our customers’ needs while expanding our market offerings,” said Sam Covello, product manager, Product Branding Business Team for FLEXcon. “Now, with our latest DigiPRO® topcoat for 2.4 mil vinyl specialty films, converters can create unique and impactful graphics without having to coat on press or send material out – saving valuable time and money.”