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New Laserplus Fit PEFC labelstock improves efficiency in Office and A4 logistics applications

image UPM Raflatac has launched a new roll-to-sheet labelstock designed to deliver optimized performance and sustainability into Office and A4 logistics applications. Laserplus Fit PEFC RP A2 KS55 replaces Laserplus PEFC RP A4 KS55 for labelling end-uses such as shipping, routing and tracking.

The thinner and lighter ‘Fit’ label face offers increased efficiency for both label converters and brand owners. The converter is able to move to longer reel lengths, and end-users benefit from using less material.

Customers of UPM Raflatac have reported excellent performance in high-speed conversion and particularly during matrix-stripping. Good die-cutting characteristics provide clean and sharp label edges, and the new product shows optimal lay-flat properties in typical cut-size formats.

UPM Raflatac’s PEFC™ chain of custody certification verifies that the wood fibres of the Laserplus Fit PEFC face material are from responsibly managed forests. The thinner label face also contributes to improved environmental performance. Based on UPM Raflatac’s comprehensive lifecycle assessments (LCA), switching from Laserplus PEFC RPA4 KS55 to Laserplus Fit PEFC RP A2 KS55 reduces carbon emissions by 8%, energy consumption by 6% and water consumption by 8%.