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Schreiner ProTech at the 2015 Hanover Fair

Schreiner ProTech will be showcasing intelligent marking solutions for technical plagiarism protection in mechanical engineering, particularly for spare and wear parts, at this year’s Hanover Fair. The identification of components based on direct marking, the integration of covert, counterfeit-proof features in nameplates, and NFC-Labels providing a communications interface with smartphones have been acquiring particular importance in this context. The solutions will be on display at the joint booth of the Protect-Ing VDMA working group in Hall 8, D08.

Schreiner ProTech will be demonstrating its special expertise in integrating overt and covert anti-counterfeiting technologies, seals for tamper protection and web-based track & trace systems. Exemplary solutions have been implemented in a demonstrator of the Protect-Ing VDMA working group and can be examined at the trade fair booth.


Anti-counterfeiting technology increasingly involves the use of features which are integrated in the packaging or nameplate. The BitSecure digital copying protection feature, for example, can be incorporated into nameplates, logistics labels or other product markings in a very unobtrusive manner. Components can also be marked with this anti-counterfeiting feature by means of laser engraving. A 2D scanner or selected smartphones can read and analyze the security feature for reliable authentication.

Intelligent component marking based on so-called NFC-Labels has been gaining particular importance. In addition to optimizing logistics processes, these labels enable component logs to be saved electronically and simplify automatic make-ready of machines. As a result, the identification of an NFC-marked component by means of a smartphone offers a multitude of new user services, from authentication through to accessing installation and maintenance instructions and information.

You will find the new developments for intelligent component marking and other current success stories in the field of product and brand protection featured by Schreiner ProTech at the joint booth of the Protect-Ing VDMA working group in Hall 8, D08.

Detailed additional information on innovative technologies for reliable counterfeiting protection will be presented during the “Product and Know-how Protection” Info Day at the VDMA Arena in the Hanover Fair Congress Center on April 15, 2015.