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L9 announces the 2014 World Label Awards category winners

The L9 label associations are pleased to announce the results of the 2014 L9 World Label Awards competition judged by an international jury just before Labelexpo Americas in Chicago in September 2014. The L9 is an alliance of global label associations for the purposes of formulating polices and gathering strategic information in connection with global matters affecting the worldwide label industry.

The current class structure includes 22 classes covering all the principal printing processes and markets. The results are listed in class order with the Winners announced first followed by the Honourable Mention (HM) awards.


“The World Label Awards are seen as the technical Oscars of the global label industry with members of the L9 group showing off the best labels from their own ‘domestic’ competitions. Every year we see technically excellent labels from around the world which tend to reflect the technical advances within the international label industry. As judges we see “new” applications being presented especially in the Innovation class,” comments Tony White, chairman of the judging panel. “The final icing on the cake is the selection of the entries for Best of the Best awards which represent the five main printing processes”.


The associations participating this year were FINAT (Europe), JFLP (Japan), TLMI (North America), SALMA (New Zealand), PEIAC (China) and LATMA (Australia). The judges for this year’s competition included Mike Buystedt (Temporary chair) TLMI, Kurt Walker FINAT, Andrew Maxwell LATMA, Tony Wheeler SALMA, Teru Hama JFLP, Qiu Xiaohong PEIAC, ABIEA supplied a judge also.

The Results

Class 1: Flexo Line

Winner TLMI: McDowell Label & Screen Printing, USA for “Sweet & Sexy Bronzer”

Class 2: Flexo Line Screen/Tone

Winner TLMI: Hammer Packaging Inc., USA for “Right Guard Xtreme Fresh”

Class 3: Flexo Colour Process

LATMA: Multicolor (QLD), Australia for “Lite n’ Easy Sesame Beef Noodles”

HM FINAT: Permapack AG, Switzerland for “Crème d’or Special 750ml”

Class 4: Flexo Wine/Spirits

Winner FINAT: Stratus Packaging, France for “Marquise Blanc Magnolia”

Class 5: Letterpress Line

Winner JFLP: Tokiwa Seal Printing Co. Ltd., Japan for “Headgear 03FATYO”

Class 6: Letterpress Line Screen/Tone

Winner PEIAC: Shanghai Tungkong Security Printing Co. Ltd., China for “Sticky Sealing on Cigarette”

Class 7: Letterpress Colour Process

Winner JFLP: Shimokuni Co. Ltd., Japan for “Japan Tea”

HM FINAT: Ҫiftsan Etiket, Turkey for “Carjen Hand & Body Cream Moisturising”

Class 8: Letterpress Wine/Spirits

Winner JFLP: Sankyo Tac Label Co. Ltd., Japan for “Date Craft Beer”

Winner LATMA: Signature Labels, Australia for “Stockwell Creek £King Shot” Shiraz

Class 11: Offset Colour Process

No winner

HM JFLP: Fuji Mark Co. Ltd., Japan for “LINA Health Plus”

Class 12: Offset Wine/Spirits

Winner JFLP: Seieido Printing Co. Ltd., Japan for “tojuno”

HM LATMA: CCL (SA) Australia for Rymill “The Dark Horse”

Class 13: Combination Line

Winner JFLP: Kansai Takara Printing Co. Ltd., Japan for “Marudaizy Soy Sauce”

Class 14: Combination Line Screen/Tone

Winner PEIAC: Wenzhou Haoge Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Co. Ltd. China, for “Labels for Guyue Longshan”

Class 15: Combination Colour Process

Winner JFLP: Miracle Industrial Co. Ltd., Japan for “Tiger for iPhone”

HM FINAT: Omnipack AG, Switzerland for “Braumeister Speck”

HM TLMI: ASL Print FX, USA for “Sunny and Share Citrus Saison”

Class 16: Combination Wine/Spirits

Winner TLMI: Collotype, USA for “Girl & Dragon 2013 Malbec Argentina”

HM FINAT: Collotype Labels, Australia for “Griffith De Bortoli Wines – La Boheme”

HM JFLP: Seieido Printing Co. Ltd., Japan for “Toukou”

Class 17: Digital Printing

Winner FINAT: Gráficas Varias, Spain for “Miss Tela ”

HM JFLP: Maru-Sin Inc., Japan for “Organic Shampoo”

Class 18: Digital Wine/Spirits

Winner LATMA: Collotype (SA), Australia for “Montepulciano”

HM JFLP: MSP Inc., Japan for “TSUGANOKI”

Class 19: Screen

No winner

HM JFLP: Sibel Industry Co. ltd., Japan for “Face Wash”

Class 21: Booklets

Winner LATMA: Multicolor (QLD), Australia for Beef Casserole Coupon

Class 22: Innovation

Winner FINAT: Schreiner Group, Germany for “Pharma-Tac Plus Label”

Winner JFLP: Keiyusha Co. Ltd., Japan for “Glass Coating Indication”




Honourable Mention































Best of the Best

In the past two years 5 additional L9 Global awards representing the “Best of the Best” entries from the principal printing processes. The awards will be presented at Tarsus event which will be held during Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels in September 2015. The winners are selected from the winning entries in the L9 World label Awards competition from the following classes: Flexography, Letterpress, Offset Litho, Combination Printing, Digital Printing. The identities of the winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony and are perceived as the “Oscars of the Oscars” of the international label industry.

The judging for the 2015 L9 WLA competition will take place on the 28th September 2015 in Brussels at the Labelexpo venue.