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Mondi North America Announces Spouted Pouches with Choke-avoidance Caps for Safe Packaging of Children’s Food

image New small spouted pouches featuring easy-to-grip, choke-avoidance caps are now available from Mondi North America, Consumer Goods Packaging. The pouches provide safe packaging solutions for manufacturers of children’s food products and other food/beverage items.

“Mondi’s spouted pouches with choke-avoidance caps set high standards for safety and reliability,” says Markus Hoedebeck, vice president of product development, Mondi Jackson (Mo.). “The pouches offer convenience and reassurance for busy parents and allow children to easily access and more safely consume food products under parental supervision.”

The pouches’ large caps are designed for easy opening and handling by children. The caps’ size also deters swallowing. As a further precaution, the caps have a unique shape and structure that allows air to pass through even if swallowed.

Optimal Product Protection

The new pouches are made of high-barrier laminate materials for optimal product protection. The pouches undergo 100% in-line inspection of the spout sealing area during production, offering high assurance of leak-proof reliability. They are available in 50-gram to 200-gram sizes.

In addition, the pouches are highly effective in communicating brand identity. They have a large display area and can be attractively printed in up to 10 colors using rotogravure or new high-definition flexographic processes. Matte finishes can be applied to the pouches’ printed areas, adding visual depth and producing an appealing contrast with the packaging’s glossier images. The pouches can also be customized in virtually unlimited shapes and with various add-on features to suit marketing requirements.