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Schreiner Group honors suppliers

For the third time, the Schreiner Group has selected a "Supplier of the Year." This year, the "Supplier of the Year" award goes to Ritrama S.p.A. Ritrama supplies self-adhesive films and transfer adhesives to the Schreiner Group. Besides receiving a very high overall rating, the Italian family business has made significant improvements in performance in all relevant areas.

image left to right: Manfred Laschinger, Norbert Kreitmeir, Roland Schreiner, Tomas Rink (owner of Ritrama), Waltraud Teuber, Sonia Linzi (Internal Sales), Ricardo Rink (chief executive Ritrama), Jose Luis Cester (Manager Global Label Business Ritrama) and Karl Tschacha

On April 17, Norbert Kreitmeir, Team Leader Purchasing Raw Materials at Schreiner Group, presented the award to Ritrama S.p.A., which was represented by Tomas and Ricardo Rink, President Ritrama. At a meeting at the company's headquarters in Oberschleißheim, both parties agreed to intensify their cooperation on an equal footing. Norbert Kreitmeir is convinced that, by taking this step, Schreiner Group will be able to supply customers in the pharma industry as well as the automotive and electronics industries with even better products in the future because the materials from Ritrama are primarily used in these sectors. "We need partners that supply materials at the best price and the right quality so that we can offer our customers optimum solutions for their applications," said Kreitmeier.

Norbert Kreitmeir and Ricardo Rink

In 2014, 50 suppliers of production materials—ranging from films, paper and ink to production-related tools such as dies—were again compared in order to assess the balance between costs and quality. The selection of the companies was based on delivery volume and strategic importance. The supplier evaluation itself rests on four pillars: Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs. In addition to the absolute rating, relative improvement compared to the company's rating the previous year is a decisive factor.

The "Supplier Of The Year" award is part of the "Schreiner Preferred Supplier" program in which Schreiner Group compares its suppliers in strategically important material groups. By presenting the awards, Schreiner Group's overall objective is to continue to improve the cost structure in the supply chain through close cooperation, early involvement, integration of know-how and a lean procurement strategy.

Since the program was launched in 2012, the overall performance of Schreiner Group’s suppliers has notably improved, which can be attributed to the supplier development associated with the program.

For the first time ever, Schreiner Group also presented a special award to a "smaller" but extremely effective supplier, i.e. the "Performer of the Year," which went to Biolink in Waakirchen, Germany. Biolink supplies Schreiner Group with transfer adhesives for applications in the automotive sector. "We feel that Biolink is a very reliable partner for high-quality products," says Andrea Friedrich, the responsible strategic buyer. Managing Director Peter Gämmerler was extremely pleased that Schreiner Group appreciates collaborating with Biolink so much.