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Michelman Introduces Water-Based Michem® Flex HS268

Michem Flex HS268 is a water-based, VOC free coating based on high molecular weight polyolefin that produces strong bonds in heat seal applications. Its low heat seal initiation temperature makes it an excellent solution for flexible food packaging. Benefits of the lower temperature process are numerous for packers, including lower energy costs, faster line speeds, no distortion of the film substrate, and most importantly, prevention of damage to temperature sensitive food items.

Michem Flex HS268 is also beneficial for converters and substrate producers that coat the packaging material. Its high solid content combined with low viscosity leads to reduced transportation costs, less drying time and reduced energy costs. The new coating also offers outstanding blocking resistance and can be further formulated with slip additives, such as Michem Lube 160 RPH, to achieve a low coefficient of friction without losing bond strength.

The versatile and cost-effective coating is water resistant and can be applied to paper, metal foil or metalized surfaces, and various matte, white or cavitated films, in conjunction with a primer like Michem Flex P2300, P2312, P1852 or P1855. It bonds well to various inks on printed films, and has a broad and forgiving sealing temperature range. It also exhibits excellent hot tack for vertical form fill use in combination with the right primer or ink.

Michem Flex HS268 is formulated for use on multilayer flexible food packaging used in direct and indirect food contact applications. It is compliant with many EU and FDA food contact regulations.  Please contact your Michelman sales representative for complete food contact compliance details.