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MPS EF press proves impressive at open house

More than 150 printers and suppliers were present at the launching of the partnership between MPS and EMT International for assembling high-tier MPS flexo printing presses in the United States. They also attended the live demonstration “The Extremes of the EF,” showing the extreme stable print register of MPS’ flagship, while running different substrates and extreme low web tensions.

Wim van den Bosch, CEO of MPS, said he believes the day exceeded the expectations of everyone who attended. “We showcased the strengths of two great companies coming together for the benefit of the customer,” he said. “We studied the market to understand what our customers want, and today we began delivering on that knowledge. They want two things. First, they want high-end presses that are easy to operate, with the highest possible productivity. Second, they want a strong local presence. With our innovative high-quality designs and the North American market experience and presence that EMT brings, we are doing both.”

“We are very excited about this partnership,” added Paul Rauscher, EMT CEO. “Both EMT and MPS focus on building robust and easy to operate high-end machinery for the label and packaging industry. This is a perfect fit for both companies, and ultimately our customers. We both focus on high-quality customer solutions and we want to help companies benefit fully from technology. Together, EMT and MPS will deliver this added value to North American printing companies.”

The relationship between EMT and MPS was made official with a ceremonious ribbon cutting that involved Van den Bosch, Raucher, Rich Heidel, Hobart Village president, and Troy Streckenbach, Brown County executive.

“This open house went better than we even imagined it could,” said Denny McGee, president of MPS America. “The response to the invitation was outstanding. Not only was everyone excited to see our EF press and its extremely stable print register, we also delivered a lot of information on a variety of topics from many industry experts. It was a very exciting day!”

Attendees also enjoyed a demonstration of EMT’s Chameleon finishing equipment, and presentations by Danielle Jerschefske, editor of Labels & Labeling, on the state of the printing industry, Dan Muenzer, TLMI chairman, on printing industry trends, Jim Driscoll, executive vice president at EMT, on advances in converting and rewinding equipment, and Kees Nijenhuis, vice president of MPS Systems North America, on MPS’ Crisp.Dot technology.


The MPS EF printing press is an automated multi-substrate flexo press that offers a choice of either plate rolls or print sleeves, providing the ultimate in flexibility. The EF features both UV and hot-air drying technologies. Furthermore, its web transportation system allows users to print on a variety of substrates including thin film, paper, cartonboard, shrink sleeves, inmold, tube laminate and flexible packaging. The EF features MPS’ exclusive Crisp.Dot and iControl technologies. Crisp.Dot uses a rubber-coated counter-pressure roller to exert equalized pressure resulting in minimal dot gain. The result is that the print dot retains its round shape, the ink coverage is solid and small fonts are sharper. The iControl management and service operator/machine interface minimizes operator errors. Simple, intuitive and stress-free to operate, this technology enables the operator to choose and run individual functions via a touch screen and button, greatly simplifying machine control and operation.

The demonstration of the EF was the first of its kind for MPS in the U.S. And, with this new relationship with EMT, McGee expects there to be more.

The open house was held on Tuesday, April 28 at EMT’s headquarters in Hobart (Green Bay), Wis.