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Polyonics Introduces Laser Markable Label Materials for Harsh Automotive and Low Surface Energy Applications

imagePolyonics has introduced new black and TrueWhite™ laser markable label materials, tested to the GMW14573 and GM6121M performance requirements for automotive under-the-hood as well as plastics (low surface energy) label applications. These unique materials can be easily ablated by a wide variety of low power lasers, provide flexible, high temperature alternatives to polyester and acrylic laser markable lables and are more durable than traditional thermal transfer printed labels.

The new Polyonics laser markable label (LML) materials are available in black (XF-670) and TrueWhite (XF-672) versions. They include high temperature polyimide films, durable cross linked polymer coatings, low surface energy pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and liners for ease of handling and die cutting. The materials can be easily ablated by most low power CO2, YAG, fiber, UV and Vanadate lasers. The aggressive PSAs adhere to a wide variety of surfaces including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and resins.

High Temperature Alternative to Polyester and Acrylic Materials
The Polyonics LML products provide a higher temperature and more flexible alternative to labels currently used in automotive applications today. Polyimide is the number one choice for label applications involving exposure to high temperatures and harsh chemicals. This allows the Polyonics laser markable label materials to provide a higher degree of dimensional stability and greater resistance to harsh chemicals than polyester (PET) and acrylic label materials. In addition, the labels do not exhibit the same brittleness associated with acrylic based materials.

Superior to Thermal Transfer Printed Labels
The weak link in traditional printed labels is ink. This is particularly true in automotive under-the-hood applications due to the constant exposure to high temperatures, harsh chemicals and high levels of abrasion. The Polyonics products have been tested to theGMW14573 and GM6121M automotive under-the-hood label performance requirements. The test results show the Polyonics LML materials provide superior temperature, chemical and abrasion resistances as well as longer term weatherability when compared to thermal transfer label materials as well as PET and acrylic alternatives.