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Colordyne and Trojanlabel Partnership Changing the Vision of Digital Printing

Colordyne Technologies (Brookfield, Wis., USA) and Trojanlabel (Copenhagen, Denmark) have formed a partnership to bring together complementary industry insight and imagination with the launch of the Commercial Class 2600 Series Mini Press at EastPack 2015 in New York.

As two of the pioneering Memjet OEMs, Colordyne and Trojanlabel are looking to change the vision of the digital printing industry through their dedication to sustainable innovation in a time where companies are continuously faced with the ever-growing consumer demand for brand connection. The need for scalable technology capable of providing new ways to cut costs on their labeling process without compromising their end-product is stronger than ever for brand owners.

“It was an exciting time for Colordyne after the launch of our 3600 Series last fall, and now we have a full range of printing solutions with the introduction of the 2600 Series Mini Press,” said Gary Falconbridge, CEO of Colordyne. “Our goal was to introduce a product that bridged the gap between our Industrial Class 1600 Series and ourProduction Class 3600 Series. The Commercial Class 2600 Series Mini press does just that.



“The partnership between Colordyne and Trojanlabel brings together two experts in Memjet technology. Colordyne is pleased to have a Technology Partner who shares the same industry insight and dedication to providing quality digital printing solutions.”

The Commercial Class 2600 Series Mini Press was on-site and running full demonstrations at EastPack 2015 last week. The Mini Press is an out-of-the-box solution targeted for the label converter and brand owner, and provides both with the ability to produce high quality labels and packaging without making a large investment in comparison to the larger digital printing platforms. The 2600 Series Mini Press will run at speeds up to 60 feet per minute (18 m/min) and has a high resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi. It provides the user with many of the features of a larger production class platform but in a smaller compact solution.

“The 2600 Series Mini Press fits perfect within Colordyne’s product portfolio,” said Mikkel Wichmann, Managing Director at Trojanlabel. “Trojanlabel invested a lot into research and development on the TrojanTwo [2600 Series]. We worked heavily on perfecting the performance of single Memjet printhead after introducing our TrojanOne. The advancement in the technology has taken the print quality to a higher level and ensures consistent print quality over long runs.

“Trojanlabel is proud to have Colordyne as an Exclusive Distributor because of their reputation as a leader in production class printing systems powered by Memjet. Our partnership creates an environment for innovation between both companies which will only continue to provide the industry with a new and refreshing view on the digital printing industry.”




This year at EastPack proved to beColordyne’s most successful year to date with three firm orders for the 2600 Series Mini Press on-site, and 8 to 10 more deals expected to close before the end of the month. Traffic in the Jacob K Javits Center brought many interested brand owners to the Colordyne booth who were looking for innovative digital printing solutions to improve their business workflow.