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European Association of the Self-Adhesive Labeling Industry Presents Award to Schreiner Group

FINAT, the European association of the self-adhesive labeling industry, recognized the industry’s most innovative products from the 2015 FINAT Label Competition and the 2014 World Label Awards at its congress held in Amsterdam on June 11. In spite of fierce competition, Schreiner Group was able to convince the judges at the 35th event with an innovative marking label that includes covert copying protection.


Shareholder Helmut Schreiner (right) accepted the prize of the FINAT Label Competition and the World Label Award

In the industrial end use group, the ‘Parts Marking Label with Authentication Features’ was recognized with the 1st place award. The label rolls two benefits into one. First, it serves as a marking which is directly applied to a molded plastic part or a painted metal cover. In addition, it contains a covert BitSecure copying protection feature. This feature can be read with a smartphone, enabling reliable product authentication by inspectors, customs officials and distributors. 
“The FINAT award is an excellent acknowledgment of our constant pursuit of innovations and shows that innovation is a corporate value being lived at Schreiner Group. All our employees are continually encouraged to think outside the box and to contribute new ideas,” said Roland Schreiner, Managing Shareholder of Schreiner Group. Shareholder Helmut Schreiner, representing Schreiner Group, accepted the prize of the FINAT Label Competition and the World Label Award.