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FLEXcon Announces Introduction of FLEXcon® SA1000 Adhesive for Customers in the Electronic Markets

image FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the introduction of a new removable silicone adhesive product, FLEXcon® SA1000. Unlike other products currently on the market, FLEXcon® SA1000 offers clean removability, performance at temperatures as high as 400°F, and excellent clarity, making it ideal for electronic applications.

The FLEXcon® SA1000 adhesive can be used to affix films to smooth surfaces and provides consistent, clean, quiet removability. FLEXcon® SA1000 adhesive can be provided on various films based on the application need to create individualized solutions. In some cases, the product can be re-applied or used more than one time. 

As electronics are designed to be more compact they tend to get hotter, and their glass or glass-like surfaces need to be protected by an adhesive that can withstand extreme temperatures. Protection of glass and metals is also of significant importance both in the manufacturing process and in consumer products, as a damaged or defective part can be expensive to repair or replace. FLEXcon®SA1000 adhesive reduces these risks.

“Performance at high temperatures and clean removability of the adhesive are two requirements often expressed to us by our customers,” said Shirley Monte, business development manager, Performance Products, FLEXcon. “With this new solution, we are able to create standard and application specific constructions to meet the needs of our customers.”