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Mondi North America Introduces Robust FlexZiBox® Flexible Bag with Side Pour Function to Americas Marketplace

Mondi North America, Consumer Goods Packaging, is introducing the FlexZiBox® flexible bag with side pour function to the Americas marketplace. The bag, which was previously available only to European markets from Mondi European manufacturing plants, offers a robust solution for Americas-based packagers of granular and powdery materials, including pet food and cement.

The FlexZiBox flexible bag is made of multi-layer laminate materials for secure protection of packaging contents. It features an integrated handle in the bag’s side gusset that promotes easy carrying. The handle also enables users to exert better control over dispensing.

“Pouring granular materials from standard bags is often awkward and can result in spills,” says Markus Hoedebeck, vice president of product development, Mondi Jackson (Mo.). “The FlexZiBox’s side handle makes it comfortable to carry and gives users greater control and accuracy when pouring. The result is less product waste.”

Easy Opening

The FlexZiBox flexible bag has a perforated area at the top for easy opening. Its side-gusset closure allows the bag to be reclosed after use, protecting the contents.

FlexZiBox bags are manufactured at Mondi North America’s Jackson, Mo., facility. They can be attractively printed in up to 10 colors using rotogravure or new high-definition flexographic processes. Matte finishes can be applied to the bags’ printed areas, adding visual depth and producing an appealing contrast with the packaging’s glossier images.


The FlexZiBox® flexible bag with side pour function.