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P.E. Labellers reconfirms itself as a specialist of bottling lines on trucks thanks to Stone Industry and OMME France

Stone Industry is a well-established manufacturer of bottling machines since 1951 and has a strong international reputation for its state-of-the-art, reliable, ergonomic automatic lines.

One of P.E. Labellers' long-standing partners, in 2014 it proved to be an exceptional one: by consolidating its collaboration to sell and install mobile bottling lines, Stone and P.E. confirmed their expertise in this kind of supply.


As much as 7 projects of bottling lines on trucks made and installed in 2015 alone, with the sales side professionally taken care of by the group's French associate company, Omme France.

All the MODULAR PLUS labelling machines (540 diameter) in a special compact version with a rectangular frame. In such a small head diameter, P.E. Labellers can install as much as 5 labelling stations with mixed technology (cold glue and self-adhesive), plus an electronic cam-shaft to rotate the plates. There are two glue stations to apply 3 labels on the bottles (body, neck and back) and three self-adhesive stations. Moreover, one can install any kind of optical and mechanical bottle orientation on the machine, as well as various marking systems. To complete the labelling machine's great flexibility, one can also install adjustable label magazines.