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The Dscoop Open Just Got Hotter

CHILI Publish ( announces they are sponsoring The Dscoop Open, the European conference of the independent community of HP Graphic Arts users, (Digital Solutions Cooperative) taking place 3-5 June 2015, in Dublin, Ireland. This annual event gives Dscoop members the resources, training and networking opportunities they need to grow their businesses. CHILI Publish will play an active part of that effort, teaching Dscoop members how powerful online document layout, editing and 3D visualisation technology can empower them to increase control and gain profitability in this competitive marketplace.

Kevin Goeminne

Kevin Goeminne, CHILI Publish CEO, says “CHILI Publish attended the Dscoop event in the US, and we were so impressed by the way Dscoop members share their knowledge and experiences so that their collective businesses could grow. This type of cooperation is unique to Dscoop, and it is the primary reason CHILI Publish committed to being a sponsor at the European conference. We are looking forward to another great event in Ireland, and to showing this dedicated group of HP users the value CHILI Publisher can bring to their business.”

At The Dscoop Open, CHILI Publish, along with their distribution partners SS&C and Workflowz, will be demonstrating the range of functionality available in their CHILI Publisher technology. In addition, CHILI Publish Partners Esko and Tharstern will also be exhibiting at the Dscoop Open. These companies offer CHILI Publisher as part of their own solutions, further expanding the impact and power of the CHILI Publisher.

CHILI Publisher – The Game Changer

CHILI Publisher has redefined the online editing and publishing experience for any business involved in web-to-print, publishing, packaging, and brand management applications. CHILI Publisher is comprised of CHILI Editor, CHILI API, and CHILI Backoffice. These solutions work together to create a powerful online publishing engine that can be customized depending on the brand guidelines and the user’s editing needs. CHILI Publisher can be easily integrated into any workflow and production platform.

Specific functionality of CHILI Publisher includes:

  • CHILI Editor makes it possible for users to rapidly begin online creation and editing of a document. The user interface is intuitive and 100% customizable to accommodate for both novice and more experienced users, while providing more comprehensive layout tools for expert creators.
  • Using the CHILI API, Administrators can control every aspect of the application. Developers have access to a completely open API that is recognized as one of the most flexible and customer-friendly in the industry.
  • CHILI Backoffice is the dashboard for CHILI Editor. It lets users organize their documents, fonts, assets, environments, and much more. Professional users can also upload assets, organize documents, and do all preparation for the public web- application.

CHILI Publish Chief Operating Officer Bram Verniest noted, “We developed CHILI Publisher to be a unique solution that can increase both control and profitability in the range of critical markets that are supported by Dscoop members. The strength of the CHILI Publisher, combined with the innovation of Dscoop users, makes for a winning combination. We look forward to The Dscoop Open and to a continued collaboration with Dscoop members.”