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Pixartprinting presents its new concept: Upload & Print

image The new trail currently being blazed by Pixartprinting in the world of online printing services isUpload & Print, a concept which brings the company and its clients closer together. "We want to extend the production capabilities of each of our clients, acting as a metaphorical large, hi-tech printer on their desk" Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Pixartprinting explained. "The user only has to create and upload the print file, as if the device from which it is uploaded were connected directly to our production department. With just one click our clients have cutting-edge printing services, the best on the market, at their disposal". It is well known that Pixartprinting has always focused a great deal of attention on technological innovation,particularly on the production side of the business, which uses latest generation machinery, often honed by manufacturers and provided to Pixartprinting before its full release or tailor-made for the needs of the Italian web to print company. The goal, as always, is to turn clients' creativity and requirements into a printing process with high quality standards, innovation, competitive prices and a quick turnaround.

The success of the Venice-based company, which in just a few years has developed from purely local work to enjoying a widespread presence across Europe, is based on innovation, cutting-edge systems and a well-structured, long-term marketing strategy. These three assets have underpinned the transformation of what Andrea Pizzola calls a "simple idea": using technology to provide an immediate and high quality printing solution.

The company has a winning business model, based on the one hand on listening to its clients, and on the other on localisation. "By 'listening' we mean all the active communication channels that connect us to our clients, from the online shop to social media, and from mother-tongue customer care to monitoring market trends. The combination of these tools helps us to pre-empt demand, remain innovative and offer solutions that meet emerging needs" Andrea Pizzola added. "'Localisation', meanwhile, means a strategy developed around the cultural background of the individual country, applied to each step in the process, starting from the website, which is not merely a translation of the Italian site, but rather the result of the localisation of the brand". Indeed, Pixartprinting is implementing a wide range of functions in its online shop to further optimise the user experience, starting from the new client area.