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Verdú Digital installs first Esko Kongsberg C64 cutting table in Spain


Leading Spanish large format print production company Verdú Digital is the first in the region to streamline operations with the Esko Kongsberg C64 multi-functional large format digital finishing system. With an annual production of more than 180.000 m2 of canvas, vinyl and textiles, Verdú Digital has also invested in several Esko design and workflow software solutions to help it better service customers across Europe, including key clients in France, Portugal and Italy.

Vicente Verdú, Commercial Director of Verdú Digital, explains the positive impact implementing the Esko solutions has made: "In the past, we've completed large format sign and display production manually or by subcontracting. Installing the Esko Kongsberg C64 Kongsberg cutting table, meant a radical change for the company. It not only brings time and cost savings, but we can now also accept more projects than we’ve ever been able to before.”

To service its portfolio of over 8.000 clients, Verdú Digital has a 2.500 m2 facility in Barcelona and 45 employees. These clients are looking for services in digital printing on canvas, vinyl and textiles but they are also seeking graphic communication support for the production and installation of all types of advertising elements, decoration of spaces, events and scenery.

Pioneering installation

Verdú Digital was only too pleased to be the first in Spain to install the Esko Kongsberg C. "Esko is a brand with an impeccable reputation and a wide range of installations worldwide, so we knew it was a company we could trust. In addition, it offers complete solutions and has a great support and service team overseeing the installation which has worked accurately from day one. Esko fits with our company so we had no doubts. Our decision proved to be the right one because the Esko team has always been there when we needed it. With this installation, we wanted to become a leader in the market and we are getting there!"

The Esko solution installed at Verdú Digital includes the Kongsberg C64 for cutting sheets and rolls but also a range of software solutions: ArtiosCAD 3D structural design software, workflow solution Automation Engine, connectivity management with Automation Engine Connect and optimization of the cutting work with i-Cut Layout. "ArtiosCAD allows us to design structures, develop products and prototypes, Automation Engine is a modular workflow server with dynamic workflows. Both solutions are easy to set up and operate, and offer a new standard for prepress workflow automation. I-Cut Layout is a software program that allows us to make projects more profitable. It enables us to save on material and preparation time but also helps us to reduce delivery time. With this program we can optimize production from fitting the designs to create cutting strokes, bleeding, adding grommet marks, etc.," explains Verdú.

Thanks to the combination of these solutions, Verdú Digital production is smoother, more structured and better organized. Verdú says: "By automating production management we can process more orders in a time of declining run volumes. In addition, the i-Cut software allows us to reduce material waste. All these benefits translate into better service, faster delivery and an increased capacity to process more orders."

Wide variety of materials

The Esko Kongsberg C64 (with working area of 3.210 mm x 3.200 mm) always provides the same performance – even on the most demanding materials or complex jobs. Verdú comments: "We already cut all sorts of materials, both flexible and rigid and have also made some spectacular applications on cardboard, wood and methacrylate. We are very satisfied. The table works perfectly with a wide range of materials and that allows us to do absolutely everything. And the additional advantage is that we can do it much faster. Today, we can handle any kind of job!”

Amadeu Maurel, Esko Area Sales Manager, adds: “The large format printing market needs large format cutting equipment that still offers the same quality, speed and flexibility for a wide variety of materials. To meet this demand, the Esko Kongsberg features an extremely rigid beam allowing high accuracy and avoiding vibrations at high speed on large formats ensuring the highest precision and performance.”

Vicente Verdú agrees: “Since we made the investment, we have become more productive and efficient. We have managed to profitably manufacture small production runs quickly and for a wide range of materials, with the highest quality results. With the software solution, we have been able to expand our capacity to manage and quickly produce a larger number of orders.”

The industry crisis in Spain has prompted Verdú Digital to invest in new equipment to enable it to meet new market demands. The purchase of the Esko cutting table responds to this strategy and may soon result in another purchase. "At the moment we are running our Kongsberg table 15 hours a day. If the production rate continues at this level, we may purchase a new machine in the middle to short term,” concludes Verdú.