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AIMCAL and AWA ALEXANDER WATSON ASSOCIATES deliver a leading-edge update on release liner markets.

image As part of its ongoing program of live webinars, the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, AIMCAL, recently featured a leading-edge market insights webinar on release liner in its events program.   Presented by international market researchers AWA Alexander Watson Associates, who have a unique industry focus on the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating and converting sector, the event attracted over 170 registrants to learn about the latest developments. 

Release liner’s many roles

Release liner is unquestionably a key enabler for applying labels and tapes, protecting the seals on envelopes, hygiene and consumer wound care products, as well as a variety of industrial uses.    Based on the latest AWA research, Corey M Reardon, President & CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates provided an overview of both the global and the regional markets for release liners. He outlined the market by segment and by substrate, and included data on future projected growth.  

Growing focus on industrial uses

Afterwards, Jackie Marolda, AWA VP & Senior Consultant, highlighted current uses and future opportunities for the growing industrial release liner segment which, importantly today, includes applications in pre-preg composites, building and construction, electronics, and liners for in-process manufacturing.   She explained how each of these applications makes unique demands on the release liner, and how usage is also, additionally, often segmented according to regional geographical characteristics.   The webinar concluded with highlights of the dynamic composites market, which currently shows the highest growth potential across many industries and geographies, and a lively Q&A session.

AIMCAL members can source AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ recorded webinar via the AIMCAL website, Visit the AWA website,, for details of the company’s portfolio of market research reports and related events.