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Mondi Showcases Broad Ranging Flexible Package Printing and Production Capabilities at Pack Expo 2015

Mondi’s Consumer Goods Packaging business in North America will exhibit flexible packaging in a variety of configurations, with innovative closures and handling devices, at Pack Expo 2015, Las Vegas, September 28 – 30. Packages on display will exhibit high definition flexographic and rotogravure printing. Highlights include Mondi’s  Square Bag, which is preapproved for use on PSG LEE filling machines; the robust FlexZiBox® Flexible Bag with Side Pour Function and the Flat Bottom Bag.

Mondi is in touch with its customers every day, providing innovative solutions for virtually any flexible packaging application.

At the show, Mondi will occupy Booth S-6719.

The Square Bag

Mondi’s Square Bag packaging solution has been tested and preapproved by PPi Technologies GROUP for use on PSG LEE filling machines. No additional tooling or adjustments are needed with the Square Bag. It is ready for integration into existing filling lines in diverse packaging applications. At Pack Expo, Mondi will display an oversized 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 2 ft. Square Bag, a perfect backdrop for selfies taken by booth visitors.

The Square Bag, which is constructed of advanced barrier films in multiple layers, supports diverse consumer goods applications, including the packaging of food, wine and pet food. It houses powders and granular materials weighing up to 10 lbs. and liquids up to 1.5 gallons.

Small spouted pouches will be exhibited in 90-gram and 120-gram sizes and shown mounted on rails for use on automated filling lines. The pouches undergo 100% in-line inspection of the spout sealing area during production, offering high assurance of leak-proof reliability. They accommodate a variety of fitments and spouts and can be ordered in hot fill and retort laminate designs. 

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Clients\Clients\MondiConsumerGoodsPackaging\CGPpressreleases2014\Square Bag\Photos\PetTreats_SOLO.jpg

Mondi’s Square bag.

The FlexZiBox® Flexible Bag with Side Pour Function

The FlexZiBox® flexible bag with side pour function offers a robust solution for packagers of granular and powdery materials, including pet food and cement. It is made of multi-layer laminate materials for secure protection of packaging contents and features an integrated handle in the bag’s side gusset that promotes easy carrying and better control over dispensing.   

The FlexZiBox flexible bag has a perforated area at the top for easy opening. Its side-gusset closure allows the bag to be reclosed after use, protecting the contents. The bags

can be printed in up to 10 colors using rotogravure or new high-definition flexographic processes. Matte finishes can be applied to the bags’ printed areas, adding visual depth and producing an appealing contrast with the packaging’s glossier images.  

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Clients\Clients\MondiConsumerGoodsPackaging\PressReleases2015\PetiteBoxer\Photos\Petite Boxer_Seite_2.jpg

FlexZiBox® flexible bag with side pour function.

The Flat Bottom Bag

Mondi’s highly stable, reclosable Flat Bottom Bag offers easy-filling advantages for packagers of pet food, food, garden items, cleaning products and other consumer goods. Its specially designed flat base with rounded edges delivers enhanced stability on retail shelves.

The bag can be fitted with a variety of different closures to suit the application, including a top zipper, top slider or hook-and-loop closure. The closures allow consumers to seal the bag after use, protecting its contents and preserving freshness.The bag’s sides can be made of transparent materials, making its contents visible to consumers.   

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Clients\Clients\MondiConsumerGoodsPackaging\PressReleases2015\Flat Bottom\flexzibox%20flat%20bottom%20bag_boden[1].jpg

Mondi Flat Bottom Bag.