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The Inkjet Conference 2015 to Showcase the Breakthroughs in Digital Label and Packaging Print

imageOver 400 participants are expected to come together, learn and network about the technology behind digital print at The Inkjet Conference 2015. Developed in partnership with drupa, organised by ESMA and offering a two-track programme of over 50 technical presentations the event takes place on 7-8th October 2015 in Swissôtel Neuss/Düsseldorf Germany.

“The narrow web sector has witnessed recent important players challenging the market with new digital solutions. The movement towards digital starts to include traditional brands, as well, which only shows how mature the digital inkjet technology has grown in the last couple of years,” says Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA. The full impact of inkjet print has not yet been seen in the label and packaging market and still the core technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds.

Early developments aside, the breakthroughs occurred with innovations in “re-circulating ink systems” and “small multi-level drops”. This in combination with increased nozzle density and ink improvements has led to reliable high speed, high resolution, single pass digital label presses. The first generation of machines satisfied market’s demand for flexibility, the second quickly followed with improvements in image quality. “Each successive generation of machines shows higher performance and more integration to a digital workflow. Now we are starting to see direct to object printing which – when fully implemented – will revolutionise the production process,” says Steve Knight, CEO of Digital Direct Technologies and Co-founder of TheIJC. “Thankfully it is not just labels and packaging that are fuelling the core technology. Inkjet has already proven itself in large scale industrial applications and is widely used in the production of ceramic tiles, textiles, display graphics, newspapers or transactional mailing.”

The Inkjet Conference focuses on all aspects of Inkjet Engineering and Inkjet Chemistry. The invited speakers will present the progress in printheads, inks, software, electronics, chemistry and integration knowhow – all which continue to drive today’s and future trends ultimately leading to a digital production process that challenges the conventional product marketing. “As technology enables a new print process, we see different challenges face the printer.

The business of tomorrow will not look like the business of today. The business of tomorrow will be more IT centric with database management and workflow automation at its core and with inkjet printing being part of an automated manufacturing process.

For those willing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by inkjet there is a bright future,” concludes Steve Knight. The Inkjet Conference, 7-8th October 2015, Swissôtel Neuss/Düsseldorf For further information, detailed conference programme and delegate booking please visit or write to ESMA vzw | Sint-Jorisveld 44, B-3390 Tielt-Winge, Belgium Tel: +32 16 89 43 53, Fax: +32 16 43 49 71 | VAT no. BE 0887.979.075 Please register for media updates and further press releases on * * *

About ESMA

In 2015, ESMA proudly celebrates 25 years of service to the printing industry. The European association for printing manufacturers in screen and digital printing has grown into an organisation representing industrial, functional and speciality print. Throughout the years ESMA developed the Knowledge Hub concept which now expertly serves 69 European manufacturer members and Technology Partners. Every ESMA member enjoys advantageous terms at major trade shows and ESMA’s own conferences. Other benefits include access to technical seminars and committee meetings. Partners and members receive support and advice regarding health, safety and environmental legislation and participate in setting industry standards.