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Avery Dennison’s DirectLink™ Label Technology Provides Innovative Launch Platform for Mineral Fusion Cosmetics

Avery Dennison, a global leader in labeling and packaging materials, worked closely with Mineral Fusion, to introduce its newest line of cosmetics using DirectLink™ near field communication (NFC) technology to provide product information to consumers in a compelling, interactive way.

Mineral Fusion introduced its 2015 Cosmetic Collection by incorporating Avery Dennison’s DirectLink labels into its point-of-service (POS) displays. With the swipe of a smartphone, consumers can engage with the POS displays to load dynamic video content about the products.


“As the leading natural cosmetic company, it’s important for us to maintain our leadership position by advancing technologically — not just through our products, but through the way we engage consumers with our products,” says Tim Schaeffer, senior vice president of marketing at Mineral Fusion. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to deepen our connection with consumers and educate them about our cosmetics. It’s highly difficult for us to engage at the store level, so DirectLink technology helps bridge that gap.”

“Fast-moving consumer goods companies like Mineral Fusion want to get closer to their customer,” said Timothy Bohlke, Avery Dennison North America Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) segment manager. "Our vision at Avery Dennison is to provide advanced tools that allow them to make that connection. DirectLink NFC technology allows companies to engage through the phone. They don’t have to download an app or type in a brand name.”

Avery Dennison’s DirectLink labels incorporate NFC technology to wirelessly communicate with nearby smartphones through near field communication (NFC) chips. By tapping an Android smartphone over the labels, consumers can instantly access exclusive content about a specific product or brand.

Mineral Fusion installed the labels on POS displays in Whole Foods Market stores and other natural grocery chains across the country. The DirectLink labels connect shoppers to a behind-the-scenes video introducing the new line of cosmetics backstage at last month’s inaugural Whole Planet Fashion Show, a fundraiser of the Whole Planet Foundation established by Whole Foods Market.

The video goes on to explain the ingredients and benefits of the new cosmetics, with tips on how to use the products to achieve runway-inspired looks.

Avery Dennison’s easy-to-use interactive labels have already boosted Mineral Fusion’s consumer engagement to unprecedented levels. Company officials are also able to measure video views and other consumer insights that are not available with traditional printed displays and brochures.