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PEPSICO IN UKRAINE saves 42% energy in its beverage production with Sidel line improvement services to meet sustainability goals

Sidel, the world’s leading provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, has supported PepsiCo in Ukraine to save 42% energy in its beverage production and PET bottling processes. This was achieved by upgrading two of its blowers to the energy-efficient ecoven supplied by Sidel’s dedicated line improvement team, part of the company’s Sidel Services™ business unit. This reduced both costs and resource use, with a significant reduction in the consumption of electricity and compressed air, contributing to PepsiCo’s commitment to a strong and determined sustainability programme.

New blowers assist in large scale production

From two plants located in the Mykolayiv region of Ukraine, PepsiCo produces almost half a billion packs of juice products annually, with a daily capacity of three million units. One of the Mykolayiv plants features two Sidel Combi 16 blow moulding machines and the new upgrade saw the original ovens replaced with the new Sidel ecovens. The line improvement programme was designed to save energy and improve sustainability, with PepsiCo committing to sustainability initiatives in the Ukraine, just as it does throughout the world.

The project demonstrates Sidel’s commitment to staying close to customers, reviewing existing lines and providing tailor-made solutions that can be upgraded with new technologies as they emerge.

42% energy savings contribute to sustainability agenda

Depending on the format of the bottle being produced, the new ecovens can achieve savings of up to 50% on the electricity being consumed. This represents significant savings in production costs, as well as improving the environmental footprint of the production process.

Commenting on the new ecovens, PepsiCo’s Production Director, Vladimir Egorenko, says: “Finding ways to optimise our energy use is an important part of our sustainability agenda which is a real focus for PepsiCo as a business. One of the reasons for our growth in market share is the company’s commitment to investing in innovative technologies. The introduction of the ecovens is a good example of this and they are already making a significant contribution, both in environmental terms and in reducing our total cost of ownership through the cost savings represented by the resulting energy consumption.”


Compared to previous ovens on its blow moulding equipment, Sidel’s ecoven technology reduces the consumption of electricity. Each blowing module has fewer oven modules and lamps, with the heating time of preforms lowered by up to 15%.

PepsiCo – a leader in the Ukrainian market

PepsiCo in Ukraine is represented by “Sandora” and “Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine” and is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian food and beverages market. The company holds the leading position in the market of juices and juice products with brands such as “Sandora”, “Sadochok”, “Sandorick” and “Bonus”, along with others.  The brand portfolio also includes carbonated beverages - Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda; cold tea Lipton Ice Tea; the mineral waters “Essentuki” and “Aqua Minerale”; and the energy drink Adrenaline Rush.