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Davex-CZ adds fourth Esko CDI with Full HD Flexo

Czech flexo printing plate specialist Davex-CZ continues to upgrade its production quality with the addition of a new Esko CDI Spark 4835 plate imager with Full HD Flexo technology to its existing Esko fleet. The investment was made to increase overall production quality, allowing Davex customers to produce print that stands out from the competition with more migration of print from offset and gravure to flexo. This is the fourth Esko CDI acquired by Davex-CZ, which was founded in 1993 and split into two companies, Davex-CZ and Davex-SK, following the division of Czechoslovakia into two separate states, Czech and Slovak. Both companies are market leaders in their respective countries and long-time Esko customers. Davex also uses a broad range of Esko software to ensure efficient workflow and the highest quality flexo plates for the fastest possible color setup.


“Esko Full HD Flexo imaging capabilities and its fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow have opened doors to new business and improved quality for existing customers,” states Jiri Cervinka, Davex’s managing director. “With Full HD Flexo, we can produce plates capable of printing sharp detail in complex graphics, fine highlights and a smooth transition to zero. Its flat top dot has increased the quality of print. And thanks to the high definition Microcells, we are able to achieve better density in solids. These plates deliver the fastest color run-up on press in the industry.”

In addition to the Esko Full HD Flexo CDI, Davex also invested in a wide range of productivity-enabling software from Esko, including Imaging Engine, Esko Automation solutions, Desk Pack and the Studio toolkit for Shrink Sleeves. “The combination of Full HD Flexo and a full suite of Esko software solutions ensures that we can profitably generate plates that will deliver the quality required by our clients’ customers,” adds Cervinka.

Bolstering the flexo position

Esko Full HD Flexo allows printers to achieve offset and gravure quality results with a flexo solution. Unlike other processes that require intermediate analogue or manual exposure steps, Full HD Flexo is a full digital platemaking workflow. Full HD Flexo plates are completely prepared within an Esko CDI imager and are immediately ready for processing after unloading. The digital Inline UV2 exposes plates with a LED-array light source that delivers the necessary UV power density to assure full control over the polymerization process during exposure. All UV exposure settings are digitally controlled within the platemaking workflow. With LED, it is not necessary to continually check UV lamp intensity. This guarantees platemaking consistency with long-term stable and repeatable quality. Full HD Flexo works with all popular digital flexo plates and sleeves.

Esko’ digital flexo solutions had already had such an impact at Davex-CZ that Cervinka reports Davex-SK is also looking at adding this capability to its operation