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Extended curriculum for the Label Academy

image Two new self-study modules have been added to the Label Academy’s syllabus. ‘Label dispensing and application technology’ and ‘Codes and coding technology’ join the online learning program’s four existing modules for label and package printing industry training.

The ‘Label dispensing and application technology’ module has been designed to demonstrate the ways in which pressure-sensitive labels can be effectively dispensed and applied using: modern label dispensers, hand labelers, print and apply solutions, semi-automatic, fully automatic and rotary label applicators and linerless application systems. Troubleshooting tips and guidelines are also included. ‘Codes and coding technology’ provides an up-to-date guide to understanding barcode symbology, types of codes, scanning and verification equipment, printing technology, and industry standards.

Providing current and relevant training material for industry, the Label Academy also presently offers modules in: conventional label printing processes, digital label and package printing, environmental performance, sustainable labeling and label design and origination. This series of self-study modules combines free access to related articles and videos along with paid-for supporting text books. Once a student has completed an individual topic, they can sit an online exam and gain a certificate.

Mike Fairley, founder of the Label Academy commented: “We are delighted to introduce two further modules to the Academy’s syllabus. So far uptake in the industry has been excellent with nearly 1,300 students registering for our courses. These topics have been designed to give the individual a better and thorough understanding of the technology, materials and business processes used in label and package printing today and provide them with transferable skills knowledge and know-how for them to apply immediately in their workplace.” 

Students can register and find full course details alongside related articles and videos free of charge at, while each online examination costs $250.