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GPS partners with Esko to improve quality and productivity in the manufacture of shopping bags and labels

Esko ( reports that GPS currently has three Esko digital imaging systems installed: CDI Advance 4260 HD, CDI Spark 4835 Full HD and the most recent CDI Spark 4260 Full HD, making it the first in Italy to install two Esko Full HD systems. Thanks to the Esko Full HD Flexo technology, the company has been able to significantly improve print quality and productivity. Esko Full HD solutions were the perfect choice for GPS, who produces the highest quality shopping bags in paper and plastic as well as plastic labels for the food and beverage industries. The company had the need to print a wider range of color shades, and at the same time ensure a good level of productivity. Products printed with Full HD Flexo plates have even better quality than gravure, and are suitable for all types of applications. As a result, GPS could consolidate its relationship with existing customers, ensuring them higher quality while improving productivity.



Esko Full HD Flexo technology offers a real alternative to gravure The long-term relationship between GPS and Esko is based on mutual trust and believe in the quality of Esko solutions and services. "We choose to install two CDI systems equipped with Full HD Flexo, knowing it was the best way to get what we wanted: excellent print quality and high productivity,” says Daniele Grotto, President and Owner of GPS. “We are a growing company and need to offer our clients bags and labels with an ever higher quality. Esko’s digital flexo solutions provide a print quality without compromise, with more effective solids, bright brand colors, crisp text, images with well- defined details and smooth gradations. Flexography can now compete with offset or gravure printing: the plates produced using Full HD Flexo ensure optimum results, uniformity and repeatability.”

Perfect ink laydown and dot control

About the guaranteed quality of plates made with Full HD Flexo, Grotto comments, "Ink laydown is comparable to that of gravure printing, and our plate production flow is completely digital. This way flexography is able to guarantee quality and uniformity at a very high level".


Esko Full HD Flexo technology combines high imaging resolution (4000 dpi) with the main exposure with digital control in the CDI. The primary digital Inline UV2 imaging through a series of LEDs provides a UV power density high enough to be able to control the process of polymerization during the main imaging. It allows to create a completely digital production of flexographic plates, reducing human error and improving dramatically the uniformity of the plate. Consequently, the Full HD Flexo plates have digitally controlled dot sizes. "Full HD Flexo plates combine the functionality for the highlights of HD Flexo with perfect ink laydown in solids, increasing print density and stability of flexo plates with flat dots. We can print with great results – even for very fine line screens," adds Grotto.

This is because the high resolution imaging in the CDI unit creates a textured surface on the plate, improving ink transfer and increasing the density on the final print. The result is a richer and higher contrast, which is especially useful for PANTONE® colors and white underprints. "Looking at the results, we are very happy with our choice to invest again in Esko’s digital flexo solutions. The recognition we have received by customers and their renewed confidence is confirming this as well," concludes Grotto.