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Graphic Products Publishes Barcode Labeling White Paper Report analyzes linear & 2D barcodes with industrial workplace applications

Industrial economies thrive on the philosophy – work smarter not harder. Tools to create a “smarter” workplace vary, but commonly rely on computer automation. Enter barcoding application technology. Barcodes save time and resources by replacing human data entry and the potential for error.


Barcodes are a form of data storage represented by patterns that can be read by a scanner. These tiny arrangements of lines, dots, or bars silently and effortlessly organize grocery stores and warehouses across the globe. From frozen pizzas to forklifts, barcodes have transformed the workplace. Graphic Products explores the powers of this technology with the Barcode Labeling White Paper.

“We've all used barcodes, whether scanning groceries at the store or capturing a coupon QR code on our smartphones,” said Steve Stephenson, chief marketing officer with Graphic Products. “This report breaks down these seemingly magical devices and provides on-the-job applications.”

Barcodes examined in the white paper include:

Linear Barcodes


Code 39 

Code 128

Interleaved 2-of-5


2D Barcodes


QR Code (or QRC)

Data Matrix

The complimentary report outlines how to harness the power of computer automation for inventory and asset management, or to expand marketing and outreach efforts through tools like QR codes. Graphic Products offers various barcode resources, including a barcode color guide and LabelForge Labeling Software which allows users to instantly create linear and 2D barcodes with industrial label printers like the DuraLabel Toro.

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