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Graphic Products releases DuraLabel Bronco label & sign printer Printer includes labeling software & prints up to 4-inches wide

Bronco, a new printer from Graphic Products, gives new meaning to the word ‘workhorse.’ The desktop printer is no wider than a sheet of paper but packs a powerful kick – 4-inch safety and compliance signs and labels for pipe marking, arc flash, hazard communication, barcoding, and more.



The compact machine is the latest in the DuraLabel line of industrial label and sign printers. The thermal transfer printer is a partner to the network-independent printer, Toro, and uses interchangeable supplies.

“Bronco and Toro have become the dynamic duo,” said Josh Ball, product manager with Graphic Products. “The two printer system means you’ll have plenty of supply on hand and never have to worry about a print backlog in the office or on the construction site.”

Bronco can be shared over a network so anyone can print to it. The 300 dpi print resolution ensures that small print is sharp and easy to read. Whether printing on premium vinyl, wire wraps, or even cold storage labels, messages will stand up to difficult environments.

Bronco can print on a variety of supplies, including 40 different materials from ½-inch to 4-inch widths in a variety of colors. Bronco includes free software upgrades, lifetime technical support, and a library of more than 1,800 industrial symbols. Built-in Smart Chip technology simplifies any print job, as the software identifies supply loads, simplifies printer calibration, and warns when supply is low.

“Bronco is user friendly and a Jack-of-all-trades machine for any workplace,” Ball said. “Use it to complete your visual communications program, increase safety, and streamline efficiency.”

Bronco printer specifications include:

 Type: Thermal transfer

 Resolution: 300 dpi

 Maximum print width: 4-inch

 Communication interface: USB 2.0

 Memory: 4MB flash, 8MB SDRAM

 Cutter: Automatic

 EU RoHS compliant

 Label Stock: Continuous, black mark & die cut in 0.5-inch to 4.64-inch widths

Bronco even includes proprietary labeling software, allowing users to create code-compliant or custom labels.

DuraSuite helps users create a variety of code-compliant labels, such as GHS and HazCom 2012 labels, NFPA Diamond and RTK chemical labels, NFPA 70E Arc Flash labels, ANSI/ASME A13.1 pipe markers, and IIAR ammonia pipe markers.

LabelForge allows users to create custom label designs from scratch or premade templates, using a simple interface to instantly create linear and 2D barcodes, add standardized symbols or custom images, and even import data from a spreadsheet or database.