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iSys Label Announces Availability of White Toner

Sys Label, Canadian developer and manufacturer of short to mid run digital label printers, is pleased to announce the availability of white toner for their line of label printing solutions. The developers at iSys Label have created an innovative RIP plug-in for their software that allows users to print both background white and spot color white – all in a single pass. Available October 1st, the white toner will significantly change the way graphics, labels and packaging are done today in the digital printing market space.

The ability to print using white toner opens a whole range of markets and potential applications for commercial printers and private brand owners. Ideal for printing on dark or colored substrates, transparent films, and textured stocks; the white toner makes the creative possibilities endless. Mark Hopkins, President of iSys Label, commented “we’ve been looking forward to the release of white toner for a long time. Time and time again, our customers have asked for the availability of white toner and now we can deliver.”

Using single-pass technology, labels and packaging using white toner can now be printed on demand. There is no need to invest in new equipment. Loading of the white toner is easy to do and takes a fraction of time – all that’s needed is to replace the black toner and drum cartridges with the white cartridge combination. When users want to return to the four color printing process, all that’s needed is to replace the white toner/drum combination with the original black toner/drum and resume regular printing.
“By having white toner, the market for short run digital labels greatly expands. We can now offer the EDGE 850 and APEX 1290 as a print solution for the high-end cosmetics and beverage markets, as well as for print shops looking to run decals and stickers on clear films. The opacity of the white toner is exceptionally high and we believe the addition of this consumable is going to be a game changer for the digital printing market” says Randy Rickert, Director of iSys Label


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