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MAXStick® Products Ltd. expands Liner-Free Label Product Line with Heat Resistant Labels

imageMAXStick® Products Ltd. announced today the release of its newest line of liner-free label products: Heat Resistant MAXStick. The new product line, MAXStick HR, features a resilient heat resistant thermal coating and is available in two adhesive configurations.

The release of the MAXStick HR product line is geared towards the food industry which has increasingly favored liner-free labels for food and beverage labeling. Crafted with our signature “removable and restickable” adhesive formulation, MAXStick HR is suited for high-heat environments and can easily be applied to bags, boxes, wraps, cups, trays and counter-tops.

MAXStick HR meets all requirements of Title 21 of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority requirements mandated for materials under food and human consumption. It is also recyclable, silicone-free and 100% Bisphenol Free (BP-Free).

Manufactured in the United States and distributed worldwide, MAXStick liner-free labels are utilized in a diverse range of applications and industries including food service/hospitality, warehousing, retail, parking, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics.