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hubergroup calendar 2016 depicts markets around the world

The leitmotif of next year's, as ever, eagerly awaited hubergroup calendar is 'Markets of the World'. Traditional markets from regions in which the printing-ink manufacturer hubergroup has local subsidiaries appear as motifs in this calendar and reflect the multi-coloured diversity of life. Flamboyant, highly detailed images, some of which were taken from a bird's eye view, create a powerful, in some cases graphic impact. Among the motifs are images of a flower market in Kolkata/India, a Dutch cheese market, a Mexican vegetable market and a floating market in Thailand. In keeping with the time of year, the December image depicts the picturesque setting of the Christmas market in Trier, situated on the Moselle river.


The calendar has been printed using !NKREDIBLE MAXXIMA inks and finished with ACRYLAC HIGH GLOSS EXTRA S water-based coating from the hubergroup. The more than 15,000 copies will be distributed to clients and business partners.