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Transparent Documentation of Repairs: Successful Cooperation Between Bosch and Schreiner ProTech

Schreiner ProTech has developed a plastic clip with a human-readable, laser-engraved code combined with two silver Color Laser Film (CLF) labels for the newly introduced Bosch QualityScan. As the leading producer of diesel injection systems, Bosch places great value on quality when it comes to repairs. With the QualityScan, Bosch now offers car repair shops and end consumers transparent documentation via Internet of repairs of common rail components carried out by authorized garages. Schreiner ProTech supplies the items necessary for the corresponding proof.


The code of common rail injectors for certain utility vehicles is located on a plastic clip affixed to the component. Schreiner ProTech developed a laser engraving process including code and human-readable text for this clip. For the required marking of other components with ID labels a tried and tested Schreiner ProTech solution was used: Color Laser Film (CLF) silver. Schreiner ProTech produces and supplies the laser-engraved plastic clips along with the ID labels, both customized.

"This gives us exactly the two solutions from one source that we were looking for," Dirk Schoenfeld, Engineering Project Manager Automotive Aftermarket at Bosch, comments on the new proof of quality. The product will be successively implemented this year in Europe. Key Account Manager Axel Mueller at Schreiner ProTech points out: "We are always striving to offer our customers an efficient integrated solution. By applying our proven Color Laser Film and developing the laser-engraving technology we were able to quickly and successfully meet two quite different requirements in one product."

Schreiner ProTech labels the components used in Bosch Diesel Centers and by Bosch Diesel Services with individual encoding. The codes give evidence to customers that original spare parts of common rail injectors and pumps were installed in certified repair processes. The end consumer can scan the code with a smartphone app and immediately receives confirmation that the order was carried out using original spare parts in accordance with manufacturer specifications.