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Brian Wirt Joins Colordyne Technologies Bringing 27 Years of Experience

As a Strategic Account Executive at Colordyne Technologies, Brian Wirt assumed responsibility for customer growth and acquisition by identifying businesses that could benefit from digital or hybrid label solutions. Brian will focus on serving commercial converters and brand owners in the central United States and Canada.


"I realized years ago that inkjet is the future of the print industry, and I have never been a person who can represent a product that I do not believe in," said Wirt. "After years in large corporate environments, two things drove me to Colordyne. The first was the supportive and collaborative nature of the company's owners and entire staff, and the second was the unique products. Great products like these are exactly what the market needs, but without a solid support system like Colordyne has, an excellent customer experience is not guaranteed."

Wirt has spent the past 11 years working first for Xerox and then Fujifilm as a graphic arts specialist selling plates and pressroom consumables, workflow automation software, color management software and equipment, wide format inkjet solutions and specialty media. He has also served the flexo and screen industries in the state of Wisconsin for Fujifilm. Prior to working at Xerox and Fujifilm, Wirt owned and operated a print business specializing in digital print and variable data applications.

"I am very proud of the friends and relationships I have built over the years and repeat business I have had from almost all of them," said Wirt. "Many customers bought their first digital printer from me, then continued to buy as their business grew, which is an honor. I bring my experiences, and my mistakes, to every conversation with the hope that it gives me a special insight, beyond what a 'sales guy' may have who is only looking to make a sale. I know how it feels to be 'sold something,' as opposed to someone taking a genuine interest in my business - and I will never forget that."

Wirt's main goal is to remain on the cutting edge of print technology to help the printers he serves remain viable. By striving to learn as much as possible about the demands of label printers and the technical operation of the equipment, Wirt provides the best advice and assistance to label printers offering new options to their customers.

"Wirt brings a breadth of knowledge and invaluable insight into this industry with the range of experience he has built over the years," said Andrew Matter, VP & GM of Colordyne Technologies. "He understands the future of the print industry and where Colordyne's bold plans fit into the growing demand for digital solutions."