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Californian based Geo Labels purchase Edale FL3

Based in Southern California, family run business Geo Labels have recently purchased their first 6 colour Edale FL3 press through Edale’s American distributor, Matik Inc.

Geo Labels first opened in 2003 by its current owners George and Elena Contreras and is now a well-known label company specializing in the manufacturing scale of industrial and prime labels of all industries from food packaging to cosmetics.

They first heard about Edale from the distributor, Matik Inc., and it quickly became clear that Edale were their chosen manufacturer for their next investment.

George, Geo Labels owner, said – “Compared to the current market of press manufacturers, Edale are ahead of the game with technology, combined with a personal approach, years of experience and a sound knowledge base, Edale were the obvious choice for us.”

James Boughton, Managing Director of Edale, said “The US market had always been something Edale has been wary of due to the strength of the local manufacturers, however since our old philosophy of manufacturing simple Flexo presses changed to now manufacturing the most automated equipment within the industry, our success has really opened our eyes to the potential within this market.”

The quality, performance and engineering excellence of the Edale FL range of presses have made it an instant success within the US. The range of substrates, from unsupported film to carton board, the exceptional print quality, based around the unique Uniprint technology and of course the world leading automation packages, including AiiR (Autonomous Inking, Impression and Registration) and various automated finishing options make the Edale FL range the most sophisticated on the market. The market requirements of reliability, repeatability and finished product quality are easily achieved. Matik Inc. are the sole distributers of this range within America, Canada and Mexico and have experienced considerable success since being appointed in December 2016. The 6 colour FL3-430 is due to be installed at Geo Labels in September 2017.